Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Yaber Wi-Fi projector !

YABER Wi-Fi Projector is equipped with advanced German LED light source functions to make the image clearer and more visible with aesthetic brightness. YABER Wi-Fi Projector is best used at home or office to watch movies with friends and family or show PPT slides to colleagues with clear and high visibility mode.

You would like to know that it is the projector that you can control with a remote control and play things like movies, PPT presentations or other videos anywhere and anytime. It is not like other traditional and old model projectors which show the image only in the absence of light or on a very small screen, but it can reproduce the best and brightest show for you even in low light conditions.

  • 1080P native resolution
  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Very loud built-in speakers
  • Digital zoom
  • Not ideal for offices


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In the box

Wi-Fi YABER is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the projector, a carrying bag, power cable, HDMI cable, 3 in 1 AV cable, remote control, lens cap, bag for the projector and a manual of ‘ use.

Special features of the YABER Wi-Fi projector

The YABER Wi-Fi projector has many features that make it stand out and stand out from all other projectors on the market. YABER Wi-Fi Projector is highly compatible with several lovely features.

Some are like wonderful and easy to carry design and construction, the introduction of sophisticated German LED lights, amazing color contrast function, projection size, internal speakers and the high resolution to give you the closest effect to HD view. His is the list of features that best explains it.

The construction and design of the YABER Wi-Fi projector

The YABER Wi-Fi Projector is so elegantly crafted with the best materials and sizes that it makes it easy to carry anywhere while keeping it in your bag. The YABER Wi-Fi Projector comes in a compatible size of 9.84 × 8.66 × 4.33 dimensions which are not wide and large enough to make it a burden when transporting from one place to another.

You can take it with you on a picnic if you plan to spend more time watching movies with your friends. It weighs very small which is 7.32 lbs. Its high quality material and delicate design make it unique and lovely with white color body.

When you use the YABER Wi-Fi Projector, you will find a nice spacious zippered bag to keep the projector inside and make sure it is safe during transport.

You will also find some ports in its design to handle its functions, such as a USB port, a data cable port to connect it to your laptop or PC. All these features support its design among the best modern projectors in the world with many advanced features.

The display mode of the YABER Wi-Fi projector

The display mode supported by the YABER Wi-Fi projector is LCD. It can show you the images in an immersive and brilliant way on the LCD display with native resolution of 1920 × 1080.

It can easily show the HD display on the screen from about 45 to 350 inches. You will enjoy having to enjoy a large screen to watch your favorite movies.

YABER Wi-Fi Projector Connectivity Options

The connectivity options are also wonderful and unique in the YABER Wi-Fi Projector. They have been adopted by modern smart home appliances used for communication such as smartphones to share maximum details and data on the big screen with your family and friends.

You would like to know that you will find Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, data cable, Mira Cast, etc., for the connectivity option on the YABER Wi-Fi projector.
The old projectors lacked all these connectivity features that we find in our smartphones, but now in the YABER Wi-Fi projector we can also enjoy these advanced features.
Now you don’t have to feel exhausted while rehearsing to connect your smartphone to the projector.

You can do this simply by installing an application, Mira cast to connect your smartphone with the YABER Wi-Fi projector and enjoy all your videos or memories on the big screen.

4P keystone corrections of images

After the beautiful design and high resolution display, another amazing feature will lead you to enjoy 4P correct images on YABER Wi-Fi projector.

Through the 4P function of the YABER Wi-Fi projector, you can adjust the four corners of the image separately, especially during the PPT presentation.
This function allows you to set the image on the YABER Wi-Fi projector by centralizing it so that it does not block the image on the screen even if the presenter is between the projector and the screen.

You will see the correct and complete image on the screen.

The highest resolution of the image from the YABER Wi-Fi projector

The image quality of YABER Wi-Fi projector is HD than 1080 pixels per square and allows you to enjoy the HD image just like a professional screen. You can connect Wi-Fi with the projector and watch the high resolution movie with wonderful color contrast effect on the LED.

Splendid brightness

The YABER projector shows wonderful brightness during its operation as it has a German LED light to focus through the lens on the screen which is most likely an LCD.

The brightness of the projector is measured in Lumens so while it focuses the image on the screen, it uses 8000 Lumen light for brightness. More lumens means more brightness. So, 8000 lumens brightness means you’ll enjoy around 60 percent more brightness than other projectors.

High contrast ratio

YABER, I’m not familiar with a contrast ratio lift of images on the wall or other screens projected by the lens or projector. But the YABER Wi-Fi projector shows you the high color contrast ratio of 10000: 1 and 16: 9/4: 3 aspect ratio which allows you to get a high quality image.

Audio quality

It also has internal speakers that work skillfully in a smaller area like in your room when only a few people are watching and listening to audio or video while it doesn’t work well in an open area or large area so they need external speakers in these cases.

Final Thoughts

YABER Wi-Fi Projector is one of the best quality projectors of the modern era, packed with wonderful and amazing features, also ideal for office entertainment and presentations.



Check the price on Amazon


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