Home security cameras improved rapidly and became more and more affordable, making them an attractive purchase for any homeowner with security concerns. Arlo Pro 3 wireless security cameras are simple to use, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and equipped with a good range of features.

These cameras produce some of the best quality movies that can be found in 2K resolution with support for HDR. There are many features on offer, from activity zones to intelligent detection to configurable modes. The mobile app is well designed and the cameras are easy to mount, reposition and charge as needed.

  • Good image quality
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Many functions
  • Limited security without subscription


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In the box

Arlo Pro 3 comes in a square box with the cameras, base, charging cable, power supply, ethernet cable, 2 wall connections and a user manual inside.

Pro 3

  • 2 surveillance cameras
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 wall attachments (one magnetic and the other screw)
  • Base to connect to the home router
  • Ethernet cable
  • Base power cable
  • User manual


Arlo isn’t changing anything in terms of design here. It is still the same black on white basic pattern, with a similar size of 7.8 x 5.2 x 8.9 cm. This makes it the same size as the Ultra, bulky but not excessively.

It’s easy to disassemble the camera and replace the rechargeable battery every two months, and mounting is incredibly easy with a hole on the back of the camera to fit a screw mount bracket or click magnetic mount securely. Simplicity is one of the strengths of this brand, which wisely recognizes the biggest obstacle to creating and maintaining a security system: effort.

Image quality

While some may feel like they’re missing out on Arlo Ultra’s 4K streaming coveted, Pro 3 is a valid argument as to why the best isn’t really the best. The camera uses a 4MP sensor and HDR technology to capture video with a 2K resolution of 2560×1440.

Pro 3

It’s impressive enough, but then add the 12x digital zoom and 160-degree field of view and it becomes pretty much everything you need to monitor a home, whether indoors or out, clearly, accurately and up close. Note that this resolution drops to 1080p when you enable motion detection, which sets the alert camera into watchdog mode where it can automatically zoom when motion is detected within any set area.


On the back of the camera, we have the standard 1/4 “-20 mount, so you can use whatever old mount you have for this camera. It’s super easy to install Arlo Pro 3.

App Arlo

If you’re new to Arlo, you’ll need to download the app and create an account.

Pro 3

From there, you’ll click “add new device”, follow the on-screen instructions and you’re good to go.

With the Arlo app, you can access each camera’s live feed, controls and settings menu directly from the devices screen. This makes it much easier to switch between camera views, as you don’t need to open a separate page for each Arlo camera. To expand the live stream of any camera to full screen, simply tap the zoom arrows at the top right of the video thumbnail.

In addition to viewing the camera feed on your phone, you can use Alexa or the Google Assistant to stream it to smart displays based on those platforms. Arlo Pro 3 is also compatible with Apple HomeKit (though not HomeKit Secure video) when used with Arlo’s VMB4540 SmartHub.


In keeping with Arlo’s theme of simplicity, you’ll notice it’s super easy to take out the battery compartment in the camera and insert the included rechargeable battery, then put everything back in place. No screwdrivers, no sweat, and no collisions with inanimate objects.

Then, once the cameras are installed in their location, you can see the battery life left on each camera. Note that you will need to change the battery more often for cameras in high traffic areas. If you’d rather not have to, Arlo has a solar panel charger that you can install (in a sunny spot, of course) for a consistent power source.

Final Thoughts

The Arlo Pro 3 is the best choice for most people – it’s cheaper, its video quality is almost as good, and you get pretty much every other feature of Ultra, including spotlights and color night video.

In addition, Arlo Pro 3 retains the flexibility of installation and flexible recording options that are the hallmarks of the Arlo system. You can even expand the system to include older cameras, additional Pro 3 models, and even the Ultra, with the additional cameras working as the best value as you don’t have to buy the base station.

Pro 3 excels when you want multiple indoor and outdoor cameras to work together and don’t have the time or ability to add wired cameras.



Check the price on Amazon


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