Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the smartwatch Asiameng !

The smartwatch has now become a small partner of almost all people with no gender discrimination, male or female. When you buy a smartwatch, you are buying your little partner who will keep track of your physical activities, your health problems and your phone. You will find different features in different smartwatches.

A smartwatch contains bands of different sizes, screens and some basic functions like heart rate, thirst rate and physical activity. All these features are not the same in all smartwatches, somewhat distinct depending on the material, size, colors and some additional or removed features.

When buying a smartwatch, you should look for features including battery to avoid problems later as they are mostly non-returnable and cost a certain amount. Smartwatches are rechargeable, so they have a battery, but the battery capacity and times are different depending on the material of the battery used.

  • Long battery life that is nearly a day when used wisely or 18 hours easily after each charge.
  • Automatically turns off the light when you are not using it or its brightness decreases.
  • It has a lot of water resistance.
  • It has 9 different sport modes.
  • There is no automatic function to operate and read programs.
  • Sometimes there is inaccuracy in the measurement of blood pressure and oxygen level in the body.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t work with the phone when we have to join the call. We could not.


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In the box

Asiameng is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the smartwatch, charger and a user manual.

Features of the Asiameng smartwatch

The ASIAMENG smartwatch is among the best smartwatches as it has all the special features like other watches from top brands and some unique features that even branded smartwatches don’t have. Here is the list of features that encourage and attract customers.

Medium size screen for keeping track of activities

The ASIAMENG smartwatch has a sleek medium-sized screen. The results of your activities and health monitoring can be easily done by looking at this medium-sized screen. You can easily adjust the screen brightness according to your choice by clicking on the menu or setting the clock. ASIAMENG smartwatch display screen is 1.3 inch with different size. You can easily touch the screen of the ASIAMENG smartwatch to choose any of the applications from the menu. Its adorable and smooth touch screen makes everything easy you want to choose just by clicking on the menu bar and the option you want to choose.

Users can monitor 9 sports modes

Most smartwatches have different sport modes such as running, jogging or walking, but it is difficult to find all sport modes. In the case of the ASIAMENG smartwatch, you will find 9 exact modes such as yoga, spinning, climbing, training, treadmill, running, walking, hiking and biking. You can see the difference between these sports modes by comparing the sports modes of different smartwatches. Only a few smartwatches have these sports modes, so the ASIAMENG smartwatch is one of them.

Asiameng smartwatch battery timing

Like other smartwatches, the ASIAMENG smartwatch also has a rechargeable battery. The ASIAMENG smartwatch has a lithium-ion battery that carries a stored energy capacity of 210 milliamps per hour. This can last longer if you keep the brightness low or at a moderate range to avoid battery usage. You should keep the brightness at a normal range to make sure your ASIAMENG smartwatch battery lasts a long time.

Heart rate monitoring during different activities

You can monitor different activities on ASIAMENG like a smartwatch if you are sitting longer. This will warn you and suggest you take a walk. The ASIAMENG smartwatch also warns you about the hydration of your body. It will beep as an alarm and the text to drink a glass of water will be displayed on the smartwatch screen. So, you might say it’s your reminder to keep yourself healthy by taking in water and moving around when needed.

Blood pressure monitoring

When you wear an ASIAMENG smartwatch it means that you always carry a blood pressure monitor with you. It collects blood pressure data and also presents it in the form of a graph. So, with a graphic illustration, you can know today’s and yesterday’s blood pressure.

Better as an oximeter

At the same time, the ASIAMENG smartwatch doubles as an oximeter. Not only blood pressure, but you can also measure the oxygen level in your body. Hence, you can also monitor the functioning of your lungs regardless of whether they are consuming enough oxygen or not. It will most likely provide exact oxygen level readings. I took the most innovative and important thing about this ASIAMENG smartwatch during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Users can receive notifications from their phones

The ASIAMENG smartwatch also connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This will help you get notifications from your phone such as messages and calls. You can also receive notifications about the connection of other devices with your phone. While exercising or jogging, you can answer calls and messages that are important to you. This way you can answer all important calls even when you are busy.

It can also track women’s cycles

For women, it is just as important as health parameters are. Women can set their period dates and receive date updates for the next month. She will warn them ahead of time and make it necessary to avoid any problems. The ASIAMENG smartwatch makes a schedule like other software and keeps you updated from the expected dates.

It can control and play music while jogging

You can play the songs of your favorite singer and change them whenever you want. You can even add a playlist of your favorite songs.


Final Thoughts

Lo smartwatch ASIAMENG è il miglior smartwatch in quanto può aiutarti a ricevere aggiornamenti sulle tue attività di salute fisica e anche a controllare le attività sul tuo telefono.



Check the price on Amazon


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