The Cardo Packtalk Bold is the next generation of the best communication system for motorcycles in the world.

Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) solves all the usual Bluetooth problems and turns Packtalk Bold into the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world. Just set up the intercom once and forget about it. It’s that simple.

Inside the box

Cardo does a great job of making sure you have everything you need to install and function your Packtalk radio perfectly. The box really includes everything you need right up to the alcohol wipes to ensure the helmet surface is clean and ready to install.

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In the box you will find:

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Hybrid microphone
  • Two speakers
  • Release card
  • Microphone wired
  • Replacement microphone sponges
  • Disks soaked in alcohol
  • Speaker stands
  • Velcro pads
  • Hybrid microphone clip
  • Glue plate


There are two options when installing Packtalk Bold. The first choice is to use the metal clip which is inserted between the outer shell of the helmet and the inner padding. The second choice is to use the glue plate to mount the unit on the side of the helmet.

Voice Commands

The key phrase for the unit is “Hey Cardo” just like with Google or Siri.

Whenever the unit is turned on, you can use voice commands to access the radio, play music, adjust the volume or mute the sound. Furthermore, you can speed dial, redial, answer or ignore calls.

And one of the most functional features is the ability to check the battery status. “Hey Cardo, battery status” and you know you’re good at harnessing the power you need to take a break and use the on-the-go charging feature to recharge the battery.

Battery life and waterproof

The Palktalks also offer a great battery as they are rated to provide up to 13 hours of talk time and can also be charged while in use via a 12 volt charger or battery pack. And all of these features can be enjoyed in rain or shine as all Cardo units are waterproof and offer a 2 year warranty.

Bold Vs. Slim

Packtalk Bold has all the new upgrades and features of the Packtalk Slim. The unit is the size of an old flip phone and needs to be mounted on the left side of the helmet with the glue plate or metal clip.

Packtalk Slim is the newest design and offers a 6.5mm thick and super sporty shape – unit to be installed on the left side of the helmet, while the battery is located on the back of the helmet. The features and functions of Bold and Slim are identical, the only difference is in the installation and final position of the hardware on the helmet.

Should you buy it?

As mentioned a moment ago, the PackTalk Bold has all the features and upgrades that are also found in the brand new PackTalk Slim, so who would choose the bigger intercom? Well, if you are used to having maximum autonomy, then Bold might be a better choice. It has a range of 1.6km and Slim has a range of 1.2km. Also, although the Bold is larger, it is all in one unit, while the Slim has a very low profile, but there is a separate battery pack that attaches to the back of the helmet, which is also better profile. For the pilot who spends most of his time in town and doesn’t travel long distances, Slim would be a better choice, while the pilot who needs maximum range and doesn’t mind wearing a larger unit should think about the Bold.

Final thoughts

The Cardo Packtalk system and the possibility to choose between the two models, Packtalk Slim and Packtalk Bold are pleasant.

Giving riders the choice of 2 models is always better than forcing riders to conform to a single model. If all cyclists were the same, bicycle manufacturers will only build one bike, not numerous models, so kudos to Cardo for taking the same wise approach.

Full specifications

Audio quality: excellent up to 130 km / h
Communication distance: 1600m Bluetooth, 8000m DMC
Number of connected users: up to 8 Bluetooth, up to 15 DMC
Type of communication: conference up to 4 Bluetooth users, one-to-one up to 8 users and 15 in DMC mode.
Battery life: up to 13h talk time, up to 1 week in standby
Charging time: n.d.
A2DP / AVRCP: yes
Song Sharing: yes, passenger pilot
Automatic volume adjustment: yes
Bluetooth technology: version 4.0
DSP: yes
FM radio: yes, 6 stations can be stored
Universal intercom: yes
BMW TFT compatibility: complete (from software version 4.2)
Automatic reconnection: yes
Waterproof: yes (IP67 certified)
Weight: 59 gr
Length: 80.3 mm
Height: 45 mm
Depth: 25 mm

User manual

PDF User Manual for Cardo Packtalk Bold: Cardo-Packtalk-Bold-User-Manual.pdf


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