Welcome to our Bosch MES3500 centrifuge guide! Few centrifuges can compare to the Bosch MES3500 centrifuge, a centrifuge that combines power, design, effectiveness and functionality in the same device. Also, it must be said that this juicer is backed by...
Welcome to our Braun J500 juicer guide! The Braun J500 juicer is an excellent ally for lovers of freshly made natural juices. It is powerful, effective, practical, quiet, useful and easy to use. It allows you to effectively extract every...
Welcome to our Clatronic AE 3532 centrifuge guide! The Clatronic AE 3532 juicer is presented as a great tool for any kitchen, for any family who likes to enjoy natural juices. This blender offers great power, attractive design, high quality...

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