Welcome to our Clatronic AE 3532 centrifuge guide!

The Clatronic AE 3532 juicer is presented as a great tool for any kitchen, for any family who likes to enjoy natural juices. This blender offers great power, attractive design, high quality materials, functionality, ease of use and ease of cleaning.

On the contrary, it must be said that its large size should be mentioned as a negative point, which makes it take up a lot of space in the kitchen. It is quite bulky and bulky, so purchase is recommended if there is enough space. Except for its size, this blender is a great buy for both quality and price.

Technical characteristics of Clatronic AE 3532

Clatronic AE 3532 is a semi-professional centrifuge with an elegant, discreet and refined image. Perfectly removable, this blender has 2 different speeds that can be chosen according to the needs of each moment.

It has a large filling mouth, which has a diameter of 75 mm. It is a perfect juicer for extracting fruit and vegetable juice and thus the body enjoys up to 30% more vitamins. It has a large container to collect the pulp and peels, which has a capacity of up to 2 liters.

Assembly and disassembly are very quick and simple, as is the cleaning of all the parts that make up this centrifuge. It reaches 1000 W of power, so it can be said that its power is very good and this allows you to get really satisfying results.

In black and silver, this centrifuge has dimensions of 41.5 x 22 x 34 cm and a weight of 3.8 kilos. That is, it requires good space in the kitchen for both use and storage of this appliance.

With the Clatronic AE 3532 juicer you can prepare exquisite natural fruit and vegetable juices of all kinds, from apples to oranges, through grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers or blackberries. And this juicer offers numerous creative possibilities to choose from to enjoy tasty freshly made juices every day.

The juice comes out from the front and can be collected in a jar, while on the other hand, the remains of fruit and vegetables are stored in a waste container located at the back. It is equipped with an anti-drip system so as not to waste a drop of the juice that is extracted from the fruit and vegetables used at all times.

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  • It is cleaned very quickly and easily, without complications of any kind
  • It is very useful, practical, functional
  • It barely makes any noise, so it can be used without any discomfort
  • Its large capacity makes this juicer a safe bet for families who love natural juices
  • It offers really strong potency, ideal for good results.
  • It is very easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • The juice does not overflow into or out of the machine
  • The materials used in its manufacture are durable and robust
  • Large pieces arrive and, in many cases, the whole fruit, saving a lot of time
  • It is a rather voluminous and spectacular centrifuge, so it takes up a lot of space
  • While cleaning is very simple, there are many parts to clean and it is quite cumbersome
  • The weight of this blender, while not the worst on the market, it must be said is a bit heavy
  • The plastic lid looks a bit weak and you need to handle it with care
  • The closure that incorporates when leaving the juice is not waterproof

Customer questions and answers

  • Can the parts of this juicer be put in the dishwasher?

The pieces are very large to put in the dishwasher, also the manufacturer recommends washing them by hand.

  • Is the blade made of stainless steel?

Yes of course it is made of stainless steel and it goes very well.

  • Does it include a foam separator?

No, the foam falls into the juice.

  • Should fruits be mixed with water?

Not at all necessary, but you can do it if you want later. Think that it is not a crusher but a blender, it turns it into a liquid and the water is already liquid.


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