When the outside temperature drops too much, the domestic central heating system may not be effective to keep the home warm and comfy. If your room is not too big, a portable stove can work effectively. Such stoves are convenient as they can be moved easily and placed anywhere in the home where it is needed, for instance, near the bed, under the desk, or in the bathroom.

Many modernized and innovative stoves come with a practical and compact design and are very lightweight and powerful at the same time. It is not easy to find the best suit for you from all these types of stoves. Before buying stoves, many factors need to be considered, such as the intended use of it, the area to place it, the quality-price ratio, and the consumption. If you are searching for a portable powerful electric stove, that can heat medium to large-sized rooms, then De’Longhi TRRS0920 electric oil radiator is the right choice for you.

In the box

The De’Longhi TRRS0920 is supplied in a rectangular box. Inside we will find in addition to the stove also a user manual. The wheels are already pre-assembled.

De'Longhi TRRS0920

  • De’Longhi TRRS0920
  • Pre-assembled transport wheels
  • User manual


The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator works like a standard wall radiator and generates similar heat, however, it is an electric heater and the oil is the heat conduction. You don’t have to refill the oil, which makes it very practical to use.

The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator is simple to operate and you just have to turn it on at the desired power level and after a couple of minutes, you will feel that the warms start to distribute across the room. It is convenient as the wheels are available to move it from place to place. It comes with a practical handle to support easy movement. Handling is one of the important features that people appreciate in addition to product quality and other features.

3 power levels

With De Longhi TRRS0920 oil radiator, you can go from a maximum power of 900 watts to a medium power of 1100 watts and a maximum of 2000 watts. You can adjust it to these three power levels and due to its Real Energy technology; you can use its power up to 100 percent. This feature enables you to stay within the safety limits concerning the temperature and permit quick heating of the room. It comes with a thermostat that can set and sustain the temperature automatically.

Smart thermostat

As you have three power levels ranging from 900 watts to 2000 watts, you can keep the energy consumption under control without sacrificing comfort and warmth. Set the power to maximum and then reduce the power level when it achieved the temperature and it will sustain the perfect warmth. Besides, the cable reel is also a useful feature that will be helpful when you are no longer using the stove and want to store it. 

More heat

The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator is perfect for heating medium-sized rooms and keeps the temperature constant throughout the room to provide you with extreme comfort with optimum safety. With its power range from 900 watts to 2000 watts, the company also equipped this device with a new internal battery which means that the outer surface area is higher, which ensures full heat exchange with the external area and enhanced efficiency. The company claims that this stove can create 35% more heat as compared to other units of similar nature. 


The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator is an oil stove and not an old-fashioned electric heater so there is no risk of anything unpleasant happens at night. When the oil of the stove reaches maximum temperature, it will automatically cool down, thus ensuring your safety all the time. The unit involves no risk of accidental burns.

9 Elements

You must know that the elements on the stove contribute to the surface area that heater covers. The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator has 9 elements and using these, it can cover almost 20 to 30 square meters. However, this calculation may not be true for each room as the room’s thermal insulation can affect the capacity of the stove. For instance, a room with good insulation will be heater better and quicker as compared to a room that is not well insulated. This oil radiator covers approx. 35% more area as it distributes the heat more evenly.

Easy transportation

It comes with a comfortable and easy front handle and wheels that make it extremely easy to move from one place to another. Moreover, these wheels come pre-assembled and you don’t have to assemble them from scratch.

Antifreeze function

One of the most interesting features of the De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator is its antifreeze function. When the temperatures go below 5 or 6 degrees, this oil radiator will turn on to warm up the room.

Final Thoughts

The De’Longhi TRRS0920 Electric Oil Radiator is a great choice for people who want to quickly heat the room and then turn it off after the right temperature is reached. Due to its innovative design with perforated 9 elements, the efficiency of heat has significantly enhanced as compared to old models. Users have purchased this model to meet a variety of needs, someone bought it to use as an additional source of heating to other methods, someone got it as an alternative to a home boiler, but despite the various uses, each user is satisfied and happy with the quality of this oil stove, particularly if you consider the selling price.

  • More practical as it can be easily moved from one place to another
  • It can quickly heat a medium-sized room due to its large radiant surface
  • It can save energy consumption
  • During its first use, it may produce a bad smell that may fade with time


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