When someone mentions vacuum cleaners, most of us immediately think of one brand: Dyson. This is because it is the best.

However, there are numerous brands that release their own versions of these handy cordless vacuums and some of them can actually be quite powerful, cheap and even better. The Dibea D18 is one of those models that really take it to the other big names on the market and for less than half the price!

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Dibea D18.


The Dibea D18 cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to be a versatile cordless vacuum cleaner.

The overall design appears to mimic that of the Dyson V8 in terms of styling as well as accessories and tools. The Dibea D18 is obviously cheaper, as it is significantly less expensive than a Dyson.

The golden-yellow suction hose and the blue-red handheld vacuum clearly indicate that the Chinese are keeping an eye on the competition.

Design dell'aspirapolvere a batteria Dibea D18

The vacuum cleaner measures 104 x 24 x 21 cm when completely removed (suction hose, dust chamber, handle, floor nozzle).

The material used is plastic because using higher quality materials would likely result in a heavier weight than the stated 2.2kg, which isn’t necessarily desirable with a vacuum cleaner. However, one is naturally more satisfied with the handling of high-quality plastic or metal elements.

As usual with Dibea, the individual parts are assembled with a simple snap closure, which works very well and quickly. The construction is very stable. There are no processing errors.

When it comes to design and workmanship, the D18 cannot be faulted. At a high level, however, one might complain that there is no handle on the suction tube which could have made the vacuum cleaner even easier to use. But you can’t have it all for such a cheap price.

Cleaning and Maintenance Dibea D18

To empty the dust container just press the button to detach the collection support to empty and clean it.

Proper maintenance of the Dibea D18 is quite similar to other cordless vacuum cleaners in its class. Maintenance best practices include the following activities:

  1. Empty the dust container regularly.
  2. Wash or replace the filter as needed.
  3. Charge or replace the battery as needed.


Contenuto della confezione di Dibea D18

  • The main part that houses the engine and the dustbin
  • The full size floor head with LED lights and a multi-purpose bristle roller for bare floors and carpets.
  • The aluminum tube that connects the engine with the nozzle
  • A mini electric brush: it is equipped with a mini rotating roller and is designed for activities that involve vacuuming not too large areas. These include small rugs and carpets, sofas, mattresses and any upholstered surface
  • A 2-in-1 bristle brush – for cleaning walls, car interiors and similar surfaces.
  • A long slit tool – for tight spots around the house like corners, edges and more.
  • A wall bracket
  • One adapter (with screws and stickers)
  • User manual and warranty

Battery life

Despite its small size, the 22.2 volt, 2,200 mAh battery holds some charge and at high power, it lasted just under 22 minutes of non-stop vacuuming before running out. This should be enough time to vacuum most areas of a full-sized home.

When running in low-power mode, the battery lasted 42 minutes before it ran out.

Final Thoughts Dibea D18

Dibea D18 Pro is an affordable option for a cordless vacuum cleaner. It has a simple design that mimics the look of the Dyson V8. It certainly wasn’t the best option you can test in terms of cleaning performance, but if you’re on a tight budget, Dibea has an essential battery vacuum cleaner for all people.


  • It is one of the most affordable cordless vacuum cleaners on the market
  • Decent container capacity
  • Good autonomy
  • Low weight
  • Quiet, even in the high suction setting
  • Comes with suitable LED lights
  • Suction power a little below expectations
  • Mediocre warranty of only 12 months
  • No HEPA filter



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