Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Google Pixel 5 smartphone !

When Google introduced the Pixel 5, its most expensive flagship phone, the company also revealed a new Chromecast, which has been in development for some time. The product contains some long-awaited inclusive features, but before we talk about it let’s see together the pros and cons of this product.

  • Very nice design
  • Ultra wide angle lens added to an already great camera
  • Long battery life
  • Very expensive
  • More storage is not an option


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In the box

Google Pixel 5 is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the smartphone, USB cable, power supply, metal pin for the sim and a user manual.

Impressive design

A metal back on a smartphone hasn’t been seen in a while, as the industry switched to glass for better signal transmission (and wireless charging). Even an all-in-one design, with metal wrapping around the edges of the phone, is unusual nowadays.

We believe this new design will be significantly more resilient against daily abuse and larger and more frequent falls.

Solid grip

The metal surface gives it a polycarbonate look, rather than the typical glow of an aluminum frame. It has an interesting storyline that isn’t very eye-catching, but it did one thing for us: it made the phone feel safer in our hands.

Fingerprint sensor

A circular divot is located in the top center of the back, which houses the fingerprint sensor. It’s not as accurate as we’d like it to be and it took a lot of tries to unlock the phone. However, it’s easier to find on the back of the phone.

Sharp display

The display-related features of the Google Pixel 5 include the front camera and minimal bezels, as well as having a clear and bright screen. If you compare it to the Pixel 4, which had an all-black top panel, you’ll see that this phone has a higher “screen-to-body ratio”.

A 90Hz refresh rate was introduced with the Pixel 4 and is carried over to this generation. As for the images, they are also silky smooth. There is a small drop in performance while using it, but it’s worth it.

Camera pixels and portraits

The Pixel 4’s glass-covered camera block is still there. A 16MP ultra wide-angle lens replaces Google’s 2x optical telephoto lens in the Pixel 5, which retains the same 12.2MP main camera.

When shooting portraits, Google takes special care to preserve facial details. It does not eliminate shadow detail to make the image brighter. It does not improve color saturation when taking food photos.

No matter how little difference there is, you can rest easy knowing that Google’s processing makes the right decisions in almost any situation, from exposure to contrast and saturation, to highlights, segments and everything in between.

Ultra wide angle lens and image quality

We’d rather be able to capture a larger scene or group of people, even if that means the Pixel 5 won’t have zoom capabilities. Compared to other phones with super wide-angle lenses, the Pixel 5’s digital zoom camera is better in terms of quality. This is another argument in favor of ultra-practicality.

During our time with the Google Pixel 5, we took a lot of photos and the results were all over the place. It does a fantastic job capturing accurate colors even in low light conditions. The ultra wide angle lens of this phone captures more of the scene with less distortion, compared to other phones with similar lenses.

Editing software

One of the best things about the Pixel 5 is its editing capabilities – open a photo and click the three “layers” buttons to see a series of editing switches that are more organized than those on the Pixel 4 and offer a more user-friendly interface. interface.

Battery performance

Pixel phones can last up to 24 hours between charges. The Pixel 5’s battery lasts an average of 21 hours and 43 minutes while using continuous video playback in airplane mode. Finally, Google’s new “extreme battery saver” option is now available. If you choose this option, the use of the app is severely limited to further save battery life.

Extreme energy saving

Additionally, Google offers a battery saving option called Extreme Battery Saver. Extreme Battery Saver works by augmenting the Battery Saver procedures on the Pixel. As a result, applications will not be able to run anything in the background. When using them, you must have them open in front of you.

Another excellent feature of the phone is wireless charging, which Google achieved by drilling a hole in the back plate of the metal frame. Even if the epoxy-filled and painted hole isn’t visible, it’s still a great technical achievement.


Google’s Pixel 5 is the first phone with Android 11, the latest version of Google’s widely used mobile operating system. It’s also the closest you’ll be able to use Android without rooting your phone. Simple and easy to use software is one of the best things about the Pixel 5.

The Pixel 5 is the best Android phone if you are considering switching from iOS to Android. Google’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 5, has a beautifully finished user interface with intuitive navigation elements.

Poor audio quality

The sound is thin and weak, requiring double the effort from the downward facing speaker. Even at full volume, the phone makes very little noise thanks to the port cover. When compared to the audio output of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, as well as any contemporary Samsung or OnePlus flagship, it’s clear that Google took some liberties with driver software in developing these phones.

A rumble pervades the sound and the mids and highs are drowned out by the bass. A total and utter disappointment, this is Google’s worst speaker in years.

Final Thoughts

For the first time since Nexus phones, Google is shifting the Pixel’s focus from high-end to more reasonable mid-range prices. You can check the basics about this product and select it for yourself.



Check the price on Amazon

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