The Homscam QCY T1 are Bluetooth headphones with a very successful design, good autonomy and balanced sound. Voices and instruments such as guitars really feel very good. The connection is stable and they have hands-free microphones. In addition, they are water resistant.

In the box

Homscam QCY T1 comes in a rectangular box with headphones, usb cable, spare rubber tips and a user manual inside.

  • Homscam QCY T1
  • Usb cable
  • Spare rubbers
  • User manual


The QCY T1s are currently one of the best-selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon. Perhaps, the most important feature is that the case has no cover, thanks to which it is very convenient to collect or store the headphones. It sounds silly, but in everyday life it is a very important feature. The problem is that the inside of the case gets dirty more easily.

The headphones are held glued to the case by means of fairly strong magnets, so they don’t fall out even if you turn the box.

Homscam QCY T1 themselves are lightweight (each headset weighs approximately 4.5 grams). The whole set, along with the battery, stays at around 37 grams. Light enough to fit a built-in 380mAh battery, although the case is a bit larger than other models, which can be a problem if you keep it in your trouser pocket. If you keep it in a backpack, you won’t even notice the difference.

QCY T1 headphones are also known as QCY QS1, QCY T1C, HOMSCAM QCY T1C …

They have a fairly small size, although the thickness is greater than in other models. Even so, they are very comfortable and fit most ears.

The connection with the phone is made via Bluetooth version 5.0, which provides stable transmission and with a very good range. However, they have a slightly longer delay (normally around 0.2 seconds, although it depends on the application and emitter) than other models. The delay is enough to disturb you in some videos. Particularly annoying when we listen to a video in its original language, if it is folded there are not so many problems.

Its design has IPX4 water resistance certificate (splash resistance) and each headset has a microphone that acts as a speakerphone. In addition, CVC 6.0 technology reduces external noise to improve call quality. Don’t expect miracles either. The speakerphone works well in low noise environments, but on the street it will be nearly impossible to be heard clearly.

On the outside, each headset has a physical button:

  • One press to pause or play music.
  • Two taps on the right receiver are used to skip to the next track.
  • Two taps on the left receiver are used to skip to the previous track.
  • If we hold the button down for two seconds, we will activate the mobile assistant (Siri or Google Assistant).

Sound quality

The audio quality of the Hoscam QCY T1 is good enough for such cheap headphones.

Its 6mm dynamic driver generates a fairly balanced sound. Perhaps, even a little flat for what we are used to seeing in other models, where the bass is more boosted to give more strength to the sound.

In this case, the QCY T1 opts for a more neutral and clean sound in which the treble and midrange stand out. Consequently, the voice and instruments such as guitars have a prominent presence, while others such as double basses are relegated to the background. This makes them ideal for listening to podcasts.

Being so balanced, they defend themselves well with all types of music, although they don’t especially shine in music where detailed bass prevails. Of course, since modern music has so many rhythmic basses, even in the QCY T1 you will notice a punch with acceptable strength.

Another thing you notice is that they have a much lower volume than other competitive headphones, so if you usually have to listen to loud music, perhaps the QCY T1 is not the best option for you. In my opinion, however, the volume is more than enough for the type of music I listen to.


The headphones have an internal battery of 43 mAh which gives them an autonomy of about 4 hours at medium volume. Something that is pretty good, since these headphones usually have a runtime of 3 hours.

The headphones are automatically charged when placed in the box and take about 2 hours to be 100%. The package can fully charge the headphones about 4 times.

As we have seen, the box is slightly larger than normal. Enough to make it uncomfortable to carry in your pocket. The size difference is a result of the inclusion of a larger than normal battery (380mAh versus the usual 300mAh).

At the moment of truth, the total duration is similar, as instead of charging it every 3 days it loads it every 4 … It’s not a noticeable difference.

Final thoughts

I recommend the HOMSCAM QCY T1 headphones which work just as well as other Bluetooth noise canceling headphones because they are already the best sellers on Amazon. They are Bluetooth 5.0 headphones with a microphone whose quality is almost perfect if we put in relation quality and price: good materials and good sound for sport and home or work. If you don’t know which bluetooth headphones to buy, Homscam is the most advantageous option as the best in-ear headphones inside Amazon’s wireless headphones.


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