This winter, you need the best heater to warm up your space. There are many types of heaters from different brands available in the market that makes it difficult to find the best one. Some factors can help you choose the best heater for your specific needs including power consumption, durability, and price.

Ceramic fan heaters are one type of heaters that are energy efficient but available at a very reasonable price. These powerful space heaters are worth considering for your home. They come with durable and long-lasting ceramic heating elements, so create comfortable and cozy warmth for your room and are safe to use.

If you don’t have proper knowledge about ceramic heaters or unable to decide which heater you should use, we will help you as we come up with the best feature-rich ceramic heater that is available at a very reasonable price. Check out the complete review of the Honeywell HZ 445 360o surround ceramic fan heater with a remote control to learn about its features and benefits.

In the box

The Lasko 755320 is supplied in a rectangular box. Inside we will find in addition to the stove also a remote control to control the functions from a distance, a user manual.

  • Honeywell HZ 445
  • Remote control
  • User manual


The Honeywell HZ 445 is a powerful heater with an attractive 360-surround heating function that comes with ceramic technology.This ceramic heater is robust and strongly built with excellent materials. It also has a very beautiful appearance. The unit is made from plastic outer covering and the ferrule where the heat comes out, are made of metal.

It has a beautiful appearance and is packed with all the features that any good heater has. This unit is compact and small in size but highly functional. Let’s have an in-depth view of its various features.

Two heat settings

The Honeywell HZ 445 has 2 settings with built-in programmable thermostats which allows you to set the heater on either 1200 Watts or 1800 Watts. You can use either remote control or the control panel to set the heater at low or high power. It heats well even at low power setting.

Control panel

The Honeywell HZ 445 has a beautiful and straightforward control panel. There are three buttons displayed on the control panel that allows you to turn on and off, and set the speed and timer. In addition to buttons, the control panel also has a screen that shows the existing room temperature.


You can use its electronic timer feature to set the time after how long the heater turns off. You can set it to 1, 2, 4, or hours and after the specified time, the heater will turn off. You can only set its time for auto shut off and not the time when to turn it on. You can set time easily using the button on the control panel. Also, you can see the room temperature at the digital display and set your preferred temperature so that it will turn off after reaching your specified temperature and turn back on when the temperature decrease.

Multi-Directional Heating

A very interesting feature of the Honeywell HZ 445 heater is the choice of setting the air that comes out at 360 or 180 degrees with the help of a rear selector. The heater comes with 360 degrees and 180 degrees heat output to make sure that heat is distributed evenly in all directions. This optimal heat diffusion ensures equal temperature throughout the room.

Safety Shutoff feature

This is another striking feature that ensures complete safety from any accident to occur. In case the heater accidentally falls in any direction, it will turn off automatically to minimize the chance of an accident.

Simple and easy to use

The Honeywell HZ 445 ceramic heather has very straightforward buttons on the control panel and very clear images on the box that make it easy to understand its functionality and use for any person.

Remote Control

This heater comes with a remote controller that enables you to operate it from far. The remote controller is very simple and functional and comes with batteries. It is a very useful thing and adds to your convenience as you don’t have to get up from your bed to adjust it or turn it on or off. It is great for people with limited mobility.

Consumer Feedback

In terms of heating performance, some buyers agree that the unit keeps its promise and warms up space quickly and efficiently. However, some buyers look not much impressed with its heating performance and say that Honeywell HZ 445 falls short of keeping its promise to warm up the whole room.

When it comes to quality, some consumers say that their unit unable to work properly after a few months of use. The heater is compact and small in size so can easily fit into any place in your room. This makes its storage very easy.

Final Thoughts

Honeywell HZ-445 is a powerful and well-built ceramic fan heater that is very simple yet functional. It is ideal for warming small to medium-sized rooms. It can heat space efficiently and quickly. With its 360 degrees surround feature, you can select the air coming out at 360 or 180 degrees with the help of a rear selector. Moreover, it comes with remote control for added convenience. Overall Honeywell HZ 445 is a great heater packed with features that is available at a very reasonable price.

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Minimal electricity consumption

  • Quickly and efficiently heat the small to medium-sized room

  • Easily fits in a small area

  • Simple to use and highly functional

  • The remote control offers convenience and ease

  • Comes with a practical handle that you can use to move it

  • A soft connection cable

  • Aesthetically, it is very beautiful

  • A bit noisy

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