HP is an American multinational brand and one of the leading companies in the field of information technology for the production of laptops, desktops, printers, tablets, software and many other IT services. The HP brand also began focusing on creating laptops and touchscreen notebooks in 2009 that are easy to use at the touch of a finger, just like using a smartphone. HP brand laptops are generally intuitive and simple to use similar to some mobile versions.

When buying a new laptop or notebook, it is necessary to consider the desirable characteristics of various personal needs. From the CPU and RAM to the overall weight of the laptop and the size of the notebook, to the processor and performance. It is essential to know how to identify some IT technical characteristics regarding the use of a laptop according to your needs, before making the decision.

If you are looking for a notebook but you are not yet sure of your final choice or you have not oriented yourself on any laptop model, you are in the right place. We have a fantastic HP notebook model for you, we will talk about the HP 255 G7 Notebook which is a relatively new member of the HP notebook family. We will analyze it in detail in our HP 255 G7 Notebook review regarding its functional and technical features as well as its design and other useful features.

Read on to know if the HP 255 G7 Notebook is right for you.

In the box

HP 255 G7 comes in a rectangular box with inside the laptop, power supply, usb cable and a user manual.


  • HP 255 G7
  • Power supply
  • Usb cable
  • User manual

Features HP 255 G7

The HP 255 G7 Notebook is suitable for all your activities and uses. This notebook is ideal for everyone. Let’s check its features in detail.


The outer casing is sturdy and the hinges are good enough to withstand carrying and daily use. The size of this notebook is in its favor as it is a very thin laptop available at a relatively low price. There is no backlight in the keyboard which makes it less usable in the dark. The HP 255 G7 Notebook comes with a large 15.6-inch screen. It excellently supports a Full HD display.


Performance and memory

Equipped with AMD A4-9125 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM and AMD Radeon R3 graphics card, the HP 255 G7 Notebook is a good laptop in terms of performance. The notebook accesses and launches programs smoothly and quickly. Response time is good and in line with the price of the laptop. Its components make HP 255 G7 Notebook PC an excellent PC for data management tasks thanks to the fast SSD, the ideal RAM and the 2 processor cores. This makes it ideal for programs that no longer require GPUs like Photoshop. It is a good office notebook.

The HP 255 G7 Notebook has an integrated card which is not suitable for new generation games that require large graphics processing. However, it is useful for streaming movies. This is not a gaming PC. Video games from the past 7-8 years will work hard, but you can easily play your childhood games.

AMD’s powerful A-Series [2-core] APUs are perfect for business and standard use. With this essential collaboration tool, get the most out of this attractive notebook. The laptop stands out for its quiet operation and energy efficiency features.

Ports and other features

HP 255 G7 Notebook has 2 USB 3.0 inputs, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45, 1 headphone jack and 1 AC power adapter. The PC also has a digital SD card reader. The notebook comes with a front camera, Bluetooth 4.2, Dual Band WiFi wireless connection, Windows 10 Professional 64 BIT license and pre-installed antivirus. Overall this notebook has all the necessary ports for common use.

Operating system

The HP 255 G7 notebook features Windows 10 Pro which allows you to work with maximum efficiency. The specialists will install the open office version of the Windows 10 professional video writing software. They will also install photo editing software, burning software, PDF reading software and audio / video reading software. You will have a PC ready to use and fully equipped with an original license for the open office version of Windows 10 pro 64-bit.


You will get 2 years warranty and remote support with this HP 255 G7 Notebook. HP 255 G7 Notebook is currently available at a mid-range price for sale on Amazon’s digital store.

User reviews

Most of the users are satisfied with this notebook and said that this laptop is what they expected. The notebook is fully functional with excellent value for money. Some users complain about the battery life not lasting as long as expected and usually lasting around 4 hours. Some users claim that the office sometimes froze and the notebook needs to be restarted. Users believe this laptop is perfect for students, online lessons, and normal use such as Word, PowerPoint and navigation.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the HP 255 G7 Notebook is suitable for office and general use and is efficient and optimal in most cases for the users who have purchased it. The 8GB RAM takes the speed to carry out all the tasks a laptop can do and allows it to run smooth and unblocked operation which use.

The laptop is exactly what its description says. It is excellent value for money. The HP 255 G7 Notebook is recommended for you if you are looking for a laptop for your business as well as for home use. You can also gift this laptop to anyone as it is the perfect all-round notebook for multiple uses. It is a great laptop to use both at home and in the workplace. You should consider this HP 255 G7 Notebook if you are looking for the perfect HP notebook.

  • Performance is perfect.
  • Excellent performance
  • It is light and thin.
  • Great keyboard
  • No problems with streaming
  • Excellent quality and price ratio
  • Non-replaceable battery


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