Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the luce Led Joby Beamo !

Without adequate light, how will you be able to photograph perfect photos? In the dark, you may not get the results you want, so you’ll need to fix the light first. Also, extra light will bring better lighting effects to images.

If you love taking photographs while traveling or traveling for the sake of your photography, then you will need a light for that. Or take a ring light with you everywhere, but it won’t be useful. How about getting a JOBY Beamo LED light that will work for your smartphone and mirrorless cameras.

You can take this compact LED light with you while you put it in your camera bag. It won’t take a lot of space.

  • Compact and portable
  • Double slide attachment to add accessories
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Magnetic support
  • No impact in bright outdoor conditions


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In the box

JOBY Beamo is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the Led light, a light diffuser, usb cable for charging, a support for attachment to a tripod and a user manual.

The specialty of this product

The special feature of this LED light is that it will provide the same light as a ring light. It is quite compact in size and does not require assembly like a ring light. You have to be very careful with a ring light, but this LED light doesn’t require much care.

It will work for your smartphone photography and mirrorless cameras. The effect it will give to your photos will be super cool. It is a waterproof LED light, so if you mistakenly or want to take this light with you underwater because you wanted to take adventure photos, go ahead.

You don’t have to take any extra precautionary measures for this LED light. It is a perfect tool for your Vlogging and while shooting video content.

Features of the JOBY Beamo LED light

Nobody wants to invest money in a useless product. So, here are the amazing features of this LED light that you need to know before making any decision whether it is worth buying or not:

Compact LED light

Most of the lights that people use during photo shoots are quite large in size. You can’t take them with you everywhere. So it means that you will have to compromise on the quality of the light and the effects of the photographs you will take.

This LED light is quite compact in size. It is also called pocket power due to its size and you can take them wherever you want when you want. For high-quality photos, light plays an important role.

This 1500 lumen LED light up to 8m away. Furthermore, it has 5 different brightness levels that you can adjust with the help of a JOBY app. It is smaller than a ring light, but is definitely as powerful as a ring light. It is undoubtedly perfect equipment for vloggers who travel a lot and all they do is film everything they see along the way.

Effects of light

You can compare the image quality of the two photographs. One of them was clicked while using the flashlights and the other was captured while using this LED light. There will be a huge difference in the quality of the images.

It has a light temperature of 5100K with a supplied diffuser. This light will illuminate the skin so naturally that you may be a little amazed. Photographing and filming videos are all about skills and the use of techniques.

The right kind of light can add quality and intensity to any photo. Most people use this LED light when shooting content for their Youtube channels, Instagram videos and even Tik Tok. With this light, shooting becomes easier, high quality and a lot of fun. You won’t need any further tweaking on the lighting effects if you are already using a JOBY Beamo LED light.


You can create versatile and creative content using different tricks. You can take pictures underwater because they will look ethereal. You can use this LED light underwater as it is waterproof up to 30m depth. There is no need to use extra coverage for this light if you go down to a depth of 30 meters.

It is made of aluminum, so it is a perfect tool for your dangerous hardcore adventures. You can take this LED light while hiking in the mountains, in the jungle or wherever you go because you will definitely need it.

It will help you make videos and take photos for your public profile in a better and professional way.

Long-lasting charging

You won’t need a wired charging for this LED light. It is quite compatible with most of the wireless charging pads. You can simply place it on any charging stand before it’s ready for the show. There’s no more way to deal with cable clutter because you wanted to charge your LED light.

Assemble your LED kit

Just assemble this LED light with a universal 1/4 “-20 tripod connection. It also has a dual shoe attachment option, so you can easily attach other necessary accessories that will help you add some extra effects to your video or at filming you are about to do.

If you don’t want to connect other accessories and all you need is more light, you can connect up to 4 JOBY Beamo LED lights at the same time to the tripod connection. It will light up the atmosphere to an extreme level. It will help you create the perfect vlogging environment.

Assembling this LED kit will be more difficult for you. It will literally take a few minutes and your lighting kit will be ready.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a super cool piece of gear that will help you improve your photography skills. You won’t be able to take pictures or take videos in the dark which you will get if you start using this LED light.

This requires no extra care, more space and fits on your tripod, so it will emit just the right amount of light while you’re filming something or taking photos.



Check the price on Amazon


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