Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the King C. Gillette Style Master beard trimmer !

The men’s beard has gained popularity in recent years and is even considered a sign of excellent character. For the best groomer who values the workmanship, quality and accuracy of shaving equipment, King C. Gillette reintroduces a legacy of craftsmanship, quality and perfection into their arsenal of shaving tools.

The “King C. Gillette Style Master” beard rule is simple to use, pleasant to handle and very flexible for cutting and styling facial hair. You can wear this look regardless of the length or style of your beard.

  • Excellent design with a clean straight line.
  • Wired and wireless options are available.
  • Only a short charging time is needed.
  • There are two combs and twenty Lock-In length options.
  • It is machine washable and features a precise 0.4mm stroke lock
  • Charging cable too thin
  • It is not recommended for size zero or for close cuts


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In the box

King C. Gillette Style Master is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the beard trimmer, power supply, 3 beard trimmers and a user manual.

King C. Gillette Style Master overview

You can shave, trim and trim it all with the same razor when using the King C. Gillette Style Master. The 4D blade of this cordless trimmer makes shaving quick, easy and even enjoyable. The Style Master has three interchangeable combs that allow you to cut in an up or down direction (one each measuring 1mm, 3mm and 5mm in diameter).

It has a rotating contour head for greater flexibility in hard-to-reach places, as well as a slim, rubberized grip that completely wraps around the grip for maximum precision. The all-metal replacement blade is designed to last up to six months. Plus, it’s fully waterproof and has a 45-minute battery life, making it ideal for use in the shower.

With the 4D blade, use this hair clipper to shave, trim and trim in all four directions. Two combs are included, one for trimming and one for trimming, and both can be interchanged.

Durable, easy-to-replace blades retain their sharpness for up to six months of shaving. During styling, a flexible rotating head is used. It is preferable to use recyclable packaging.

4D quality blade

The stainless steel blades have rounded edges, which reduce the risk of scratches and irritation. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades are included with this trimmer. The steel blades of the beard trimmer sharpen as they cut by gently rubbing against each other.

The self-sharpening function of this trimmer is much improved over that of the previous model. Keeps the brush cutter blades sharper for a longer period of time and increases the life of the tool.

All four directions are covered by the 4D blade. Both an up and down comb and a straight edge comb are provided. The long-lasting, low-maintenance blades last up to six months before needing to be replaced. Hairdressers use a flexible rotating head to get their results.

Interchangeable comb accessories

This trimmer offers only a small amount of length adjustment. The brush cutter is equipped with three distinct combs of variable length from 1 to 3 millimeters, as well as fixed heads.

For example, a hairdresser would find this arrangement difficult as they need precise length variations when cutting and styling their hair. However, new buyers will appreciate its ease of use and simple design.


The beard rule is cordless and therefore cannot be charged while in use. After an eight hour charge, this trimmer runs for 60 minutes. Indeed, it is very affordable. At first glance, these characteristics do not appear to be very significant. However, for the casual user who doesn’t use it regularly, overnight charging isn’t a problem.

Another advantage of the King C. Gillette Style Master is its fast charging capability. Charging the trimmer while it’s in use is a must-have feature for people who are always on the go and don’t want to add another job to their daily routine. This hair clipper is perfect if you are worried about forgetting to load the hair clipper and having no alternatives.


King C. Gillette Style Master’s water resistance has been certified to meet IPX7 standards. For your convenience, the whole body has been treated to be water resistant and machine washable. This handy feature simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process. You won’t have to worry about accidentally soaking the beard trimmer when using it for the first time, thanks to the razor’s IPX7 water protection. Because it cleans easily after use, it’s an excellent feature for anyone who appreciates personal hygiene.

Travel lock

A specialized switch secures the beard trimmer start switch in place. Frequent travelers will like it. If you leave your beard rule in your bag, you run the risk of inadvertently turning it on when you try to remove something from it. There is a possibility that this feature can remove that specific hazard.

Precision and quality

The entire body of the King C. Gillette Style Master is finished with a matte black finish. To prevent it from accidentally starting when in a bag, it has a slide start switch and travel lock. The ergonomic design of this trimmer allows easy access to even the most difficult to reach areas.

Battery life

Thanks to the reduced friction of the blade caused by the excellent technology, there is no risk of overheating or running out of the battery. This method doubles the battery life of the King C. Gillette Style Master.

USB charging

Thanks to the USB charging port, you can charge this beard trimmer with a laptop, battery bank or any other USB charging adapter. Eliminates the need to carry a separate trimmer charger, saving time.

Final Thoughts

Use the King C. Gillette Style Master to shave, trim and trim. The 4D blade of this cordless trimmer makes shaving quick and painless. For greater precision and flexibility in hard-to-reach places, the slim, rubberized grip wraps around the grip completely.

The new all-metal blade should last at least six months before needing to be replaced. It is also fully submersible and has a 45 minute battery life, making it ideal for use in the shower.



Check the price on Amazon


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