There are many heaters found in the market that are created for open areas or large rooms but what types of solutions are there if someone is looking to heat up a small space or room? One of the well-known choices is the heater with the ceramic element that is inexpensive, portable, and perfect for heating small rooms.

In contrast to other types of heaters, ceramic heaters offer many advantages. Ceramic tower heaters are a great investment if you are searching for a long-lasting, efficient and quicker heating source for your home. As they are so popular, the problem is that there are innumerable designs and types of ceramic heaters, so it can be difficult for one to find the right one.

For your convenience, we review one of the best ceramic heaters i.e. Klarstein Skyscraper ceramic tower heater. This heater has all the features that you may want to have in your ideal heater for a small room. Let’s have an in-depth view of the features and qualities of Klarstein Skyscraper.

In the box

The Klarstein Skyscraper Heat is supplied in a rectangular box. Inside we will find in addition to the stove also a remote control to control the functions from a distance and a user manual.

  • Klarstein Skyscraper Heat
  • Remote controller (batteries included)
  • User manual


This Klarstein Skyscraper has a futuristic style and has its ceramic heating element hidden in the column casing. The radiator needs a small space thanks to its compact design and small size. Its design is modern and sleek which perfectly matches the modern and classic furnishings. For stability, Klarstein Skyscraper comes with a 33 cm diameter round base which also takes less space.

The Klarstein Skyscraper ceramic tower heater provides all the benefits of ceramic heaters along with the elegant and modern design. With this heater, your room will be heated in no time. The Klarstein Skyscraper Heater can heat rooms, offices, living rooms, or porches in just a few minutes.

Immediate heat

The Klarstein Skyscraper ceramic heater is famous for its quick heating along with the modern and attractive design, which brings warm air to your cold rooms, living areas, or offices. With this fantastic heater, enjoy quick heating without unpleasant odors.

High performance

The Klarstein Skyscraper ceramic fan heater provides many benefits and offers high performance. It comes with 2 heat settings at 1600W or 2500W for you to choose according to your choice. The radiator is ideal to heat up the area of around 25m².

Control panel

A Control panel is provided on the top of the device which contains all the buttons to control the device. There is an on and off button, one to set the auto switch off timer from 1 to 12 hours and the button for temperature adjustment between 15°C to 28°C, and buttons to lower or raise the digits.

Flexibility and savings

The device also comes with another notable feature i.e. switchable swing function to ensure even distribution of heat to speed up the process of heating your room. You can adjust the heat between 15°C and 28°C. It also comes with an auto switch-off feature. When the particular temperature is achieved, the heater switches it off automatically. However, the device is switched on immediately when the temperature of the room drops by 2°C. This feature greatly helps in saving energy.


Its auto timer feature allows you to set the time for switching off the unit in incremental hours between 1 and 12 hours. When you set the timer, it will turn off after the specified time. This function along with all other functions can be controlled using a touch control panel or remote control.

Remote controller

A remote control is provided with the device for convenience. It comes with all the controllers that are found on the control panel. Batteries are included in the package along with the remote.

What we like

Klarstein Skyscraper is a powerful product for allergy-free and fast heating of rooms. In contrast to the standard wire heating element, its ceramic element provides multiple benefits. It heats up the room rapidly and you can start feeling the warmth just after a few moments of turning it on. The unit is small and fits easily in small areas, thanks to its space-saving column design. Moreover, there is no danger of the creation of fine combustion dust.

The heater doesn’t evolve an unpleasant odor and is safe for allergy sufferers. Another striking feature that makes Klarstein Skyscraper one of the best ceramic heaters is its high cooling capacity, which will not require using airflow. The heater is weighted enough to provide it better stability. This ceramic tower heater lasts longer than the classical stoves with a wire heating element.

Final Thoughts

Klarstein Skyscraper is a durable, stable, and energy-saving ceramic heater that is appropriate for allergy sufferers because of its ceramic heating element. It is a perfect ceramic tower heater and conforms to the description. This innovative ceramic heater is a great solution to heat up your room particularly in the freezing cold. It comes with excellent power to heat up your room in a couple of minutes; this heater is really worth buying.

  • Quickly heat up the room
  • The power options are highly useful i.e. 1600W power is the middle ground, and 2500W creates powerful heat when it is freezing cold
  • Comes with the hypoallergenic ceramic heating element
  • Space-saving and compact design comes in ultra-thin column casing
  • Temperature can be adjusted between 15°C and 28°C
  • Oscillation feature for even distribution of heat
  • Round base for stable positioning
  • Remote control for added convenience
  • Touch control panel
  • On and Off button is provided on the top of the unit
  • No unpleasant odors
  • A little bit noisy
  • The power cord is a bit short


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