Getting a perfect space heater according to your space is always a complicated and tricky process. The best heater for your home can help maintain the right temperature around your space, so it is essential to choose the best heater with appropriate features for your home. Lasko is one of the brands offering a wide collection of space heaters to help customers heat their homes and minimize winter chills.

If you want to purchase the best ceramic space heater, you need to recognize the particular requirements of your home. Ceramic space heaters are an ideal choice if you need a small compact and portable heater. They are also a great option for heating your personal space due to their rapid heating action.

If your target is an economical portable ceramic space heater, you must consider Lasko 755320 ceramic tower space heater. Lasko 755320 is a powerful and cost-effective space heater that provides high wattage without being too big and heavy.

In the box

The Lasko 755320 is supplied in a rectangular box. Inside we will find in addition to the stove also a remote control to control the functions from a distance, a user manual and a 3-year warranty.

  • Lasko 755320
  • Remote controller
  • User manual


Lasko 755320 comes with a push-button design and LCD display screen. It is Lasko’s first space heater with an LED display screen rather than classical power and heat knob. This heating unit can warm up any medium or small-sized room and feel cozy during winter months.

Features a digital programmable thermostat and controls, the Lasko 755320 ceramic space heater enables you to insert your required exact degree temperature to maintain in your room. You can set the temperature either using the device’s control panel or remote controller that comes with the unit.

The tower-style design of this ceramic space heater is a plus point that allows more even and rapid heat distribution. The heater can be easily transported from one place to another with its cut out design in the back of the unit. It will make sure that you will not burn your hand while moving it from one room to another.

Lasko 755320 heater will remember the previous settings only when the heater is turned off from the power button and not from the wall socket. The heater functions very quietly and is able to heat the room rapidly, even the large rooms of up to 26 feet by 10 feet.

The outer casing of the heater is cool to touch when it is working thus there will be no risk of burning to pets brushing along it. Moreover, this unit comes with a comprehensive 3-years warranty.

Remote Control

A wireless remote control comes along with the devices that add to the convenience and ease of use. This feature not only offers convenience but also resolves the issue of flimsy and loose feeling buttons of this heater. Using the remote, you won’t have to rely only on buttons so they are not as important. The remote control has the same buttons as on the device so that you don’t have to get up every time to change the settings.

Heating modes

Lasko 755320 heater features 3 heating modes including low heat, high heat, and auto heat mode in which thermostat functions. For convenience and easy access, controls are provided at the top of the unit.

Automatic heating

A digital thermostat can be used to heat the space at a particular temperature ranging from 39° to 90°F. The automatic temperature control option will prevent the device from overheating. When the temperature gets 2 degrees higher than the set value, the unit turns itself off and turns back on when the temperature falls 1 degree less than the specified value. It helps maintain the room temperature at an optimum level.

Oscillation mode

Its oscillation mode works great while heating the room. It makes a huge difference as it removes the formation of hot and cold areas in the room and makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly across the room.


Another notable feature is its timer function that you can use to set how long the device will remain on. The time ranges from 1-8 hours that you can set with a 1-hour increment.

Why buy it?

Being a durable, powerful, and affordable ceramic space heater, the Lasko 755320 has an ample quantity of online reviews confirming its power and quality. Many users assured that this model is one of the most powerful units among the models they ever used due to its elongated tower design and oscillation mode.

Many online reviews suggest that the customers love the fiberglass construction that makes it very durable. Some also claim that they are using their Lasko 755320 ceramic heater for over 10 years and it is still working great.

Final Thoughts

Tower heaters are one of the best heaters that you should consider getting and this Lasko 755320 heater is one of the best choices that you can choose from on the market. It is well-known and one of the most powerful space heaters on the market today making it a great choice for any home. It features auto overheat protection to avoid mishap and a cool to touch casing making the unit safe for everyday indoor use.

Many users love this unit for its wireless remote control, innovative design, and powerful self-regulating heating element. The auto thermostat, timer function, and oscillation mode are also impressive features. Above all, the device is reliable and available at a reasonable cost. Overall, the Lasko 755320 is an excellent space heater.

  • Elongated tower design heater with a ceramic element that ensures even heat distribution
  • Remote controller for wireless control
  • An easy to read digital screen with intuitive digital controls
  • The oscillating feature help distribute heat across the room and maintain an equal temperature
  • Its Auto turn off timer feature works very well in case you want to leave the heater on for a specific time like after going to bed or moving out of the house for sometime
  • The comes with a self-regulating element with auto overheat protection that works to avoid mishaps when the unit is working
  • The unit is powerful enough to heat a small room to a particular temperature in a short time
  • Digital thermostat and controls
  • The nonslip base of the heater avoid slipping even on hardwood flooring
  • The buttons feel quite loose
  • Whenever the thermostat is turned off it resets and doesn’t save the user settings
  • The temperature dial doesn’t function when the unit is in low heat mode
  • At its first use, the heater may generate a chemical like smell that slowly disperse

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