If you are looking forward to experiencing excellent sound quality and comfort, the LEXIN B4FM is what you need. This intercom has a hard surface and is easy to use. You can access your iPhone through SIRI and ask as many questions as you want. If you have a Samsung phone instead, you can easily use the S Voice control system. The batteries used in this helmet are strong enough to let you listen to music for fifteen hours straight.

In the box

Risultati immagini per Lexin B4FM in the box

  • Lexin B4FM Communicator Unit
  • Mounting bracket with attached speakers and spring clip
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • 3 x 3M Scotch tape for surface mounting
  • USB A to 2.5mm cable for charging
  • microphone button
  • boom microphone
  • User Manual


The Lexin B4FM fits various types of helmets using the included bracket and spring clip. Just slide the clip between the shell and the EPS cushion or, if desired, you can use 3M Scotch double-sided adhesive to attach the bracket directly to the helmet surface. The included adhesive-backed Velcro pads can be attached to the inside of the helmet to secure the speakers securely in place within the speaker pockets of most helmets.

Voice Commands

With access to Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands, you can make or receive hands-free calls, listen to the best Hi-Fi stereo music, FM radio or listen to GPS voice guidance – all via wireless Bluetooth v3. 0 protocols. It can connect to any Bluetooth enabled music player or GPS device as well as mobile phones.

You can share the experience with up to 4 pilots talking simultaneously at an intercom distance of 1600 meters. Universal pairing function, compatible with most Bluetooth headphones or earphones on the market.

Battery Life

The lithium-ion battery offers up to 15 hours of music streaming, 8 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time. Uses the A2DP Bluetooth profile for wireless GPS directions for music and audio and the HFP profile for mobile phone calls and voice commands

Sound quality

Gli altoparlanti e microfono inclusi offrono un suono di alta qualità con tecnologia avanzata di cancellazione del rumore. Nuovi microfoni intercambiabili: consente di scegliere tra un microfono con asta per caschi open face o flip-face (convertibili) o un microfono a pulsante per caschi integrali.

Should you buy it?

Lexin is a product with an excellent value for money.

This device was designed for pilots and passengers who wish to have a clear and wireless connection while on the road.

It also gives the possibility to connect up to 4 users, 1 host and 3 auxiliaries together: once the 4 users are connected, the host will decide which auxiliary to talk to.

Lexin will allow you to stay connected at all times with your travel companions.

If you are looking for an inexpensive intercom with numerous functions that will make your life easier on your bike, this is in our opinion one of the best devices on the market for its value for money.

Final thoughts

This intercom is great, beautiful and works great. The sound is great and the 75mph limit for good quality is modest, you can easily listen to music or talk at higher speeds if you have a full face helmet. Overall, the B4FM can be easily classified as the best quality / price intercom on the market.

Full specifications

Audio quality: good up to 120 km / h
Communication distance: up to 1600m between 4 pilots
Number of connected users: up to 4, one host and 3 auxiliaries, once paired the host decides who to talk to of the 3
Type of communication: double simultaneously
Battery capacity: 530mAh
Battery life: 120 hours of standby and up to 8 hours of talk time
Navigator pairing: yes, with voice command reception function
Music streaming: yes, with forward, reverse, play and pause music playback control.
Last number redial: yes
DSP: yes
Waterproof: yes, with IP67

Manuale d’uso

PDF User Manual for Lexin B4FM: Lexin-B4FM-User-Manual.pdf


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