Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the pressure cooker Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine !

For decades we have been using the pressure cooker for cooking our meals in short time with good quality. Mostly the pressure cookers we have been using are functional at gas or another source of fuel. Still, the Moulinex electric pressure cooker has made it feasible for the user to make food anytime, even if gas is unavailable. This electrical pressure cooker has various magical properties that almost all users like most. The reviews about this electrical pressure reflect the facts that how great this pressure cooker is in its performance. 

You cannot deny its automatic services as they do not keep you bound to stay nearer and keep watching the time whether it has reached the limit or you need to wait for more. Moulinex electric pressure cooker has made you free from all these boundaries, and you can easily cook your food while doing other home tasks. 

  • It does not consume your time like other traditional pressure cookers.
  • The bowl is coated with a non-stick layer to avoid burning food.
  • It is safe for the user.
  • Removable valve for steam outlet
  • Good capacity for cooking meals.
  • Now, there are more good options for the pressure cooker than Moulinex electric pressure cooker.
  • The material of the bowl washes away with time.
  • Sometimes, give a bad smell when heat burns the plastic.


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In the box

Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine viene spedito in una scatola rettangolare e al suo interno troveremo la pentola a pressione, utensili, ricettario e un manuale d’uso.

Features of Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine electric pressure cooker

After using this wonderful cooking product, I am obliged to it due to its classical but advanced features that have made my cooking life very easy and tasty as well. So, I would like to share some of the astonishing features of the Moulinex electric pressure cooker with you guys to help you in selecting the best pressure cooker. So, here is a brief description of the Moulinex electric pressure cooker.

The aesthetic appearance of Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

Moulinex electric pressure cooker comes with an aesthetic design of a round cylindrical bowl fitted in the body of black color. Mostly, the old fashion pressure cooker did not look good with their appearance, but only they were supposed to be functional. In the case of the Moulinex electric pressure cooker, the design is also one major reason to buy it, as you can even buy it as a gift for someone closer to you who loves cooking. 

The capacity of Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine electric pressure cooker

When you choose this elegant masterpiece for your kitchen, you will never regret it as it can easily cook a meal of 5 liters. It means you can easily entertain a family of 15 to 20 members or have a little party with your friends. You do not need to get worried when you want to make soup for a big family. You can make it at home. 

Mode of operation

Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

The mode of operation is the best thing I like ever in a pressure cooker. Moulinex electric pressure cooker is automatic all the way. You just need to set the temperature time and start it to fill pressure. After this, Moulinex electric pressure cooker will take charge of your food for cooking. You do not need to look again and again. 

Material and weight of Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

Moulinex electric pressure cooker is a high-quality product as it reveals this truth from its packaging to inner details. This elegant piece is made of aluminum metal and coated with black material to equally distribute the heat to avoid burning or sticking food. The material used in this electric pressure cooker is non-stick and highly healthy encouraging. The weight of this cooking product is 7Kg only with dimensions of 36.7 × 35.7 × 35.4 cm. This also makes a good impact on the user to buy heavy metal with a guarantee of years. 

It is multi-cooker

Moulinex electric pressure cooker can operate as different cooking appliances for making soup, frying food, slow cooking, porridge, etc. You do not need to use different pots and appliances for making different dishes as they can fry, bake, make soup, fermented products, and many more things. All you need to do is learn about its functions for proper use. 

Innovative interface

As described earlier in this review article, it is highly user-friendly that Moulinex electric pressure cooker is automatic. It also holds the heat for longer when you are not available at home. Suppose you have set the time and temperature for cooking the meal and get outside for your job. You do not need to worry because it will maintain the heat without making your meal burn and stick on its base. It can serve you this way from 12 to 24 hours easily. 

The removable lid makes it easy to wash

Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

The lid of this pressure cooker is not fixed with the bowl, but it is removable. You can easily remove the lid and wash the bowl and lid separately. As the material used in this cooker is non-stick so, you do not need to exert much effort while washing it. The dishwasher is easily washable as it does not get stains and keeps things stuck with it. 

LED screen for making settings of your own choice

Small LED scree is also adjusted on the outer side of this electrical pressure cooker to set time, temperature, and pressure by looking at this screen. Nearer to this LED screen, you will find a button that you will press after adjusting time, pressure, and temperature. 

Multilingual recipe book

Moulinex CE7548 Turbo Cuisine

Most of the users get confused with new products and how they will use them. Moulinex electric pressure cooker packing is equipped with a recipe book for guidance to the user. The user can even cook new dishes, especially Italian dishes that he knew not before. 

Secure and safe for the user

Moulinex electric pressure cooker is functional, has an aesthetic design, and is safe and secure for the user; it automatically turns off the systems when needed. It is safe in the ways like:

  • It does not burn the food or get fire on it.
  • It releases the pressure automatically instead of getting over-pressurized.
  • There is no contact with steam when using Moulinex electric pressure cooker.


Final Thoughts

Moulinex electric pressure cooker is a good option for cooking the meal for those who want good quality with automatic cooking except its features, especially if the bowl material is replaced with some other good material.



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