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The Moulinex Vitae centrifuge is a very simple appliance, ideal for sporadic and not very intense uses. And this centrifuge is very simple, and its power, as well as its manufacturing materials, are not as promising as with other products.

As positive points, it must be said that its dimensions allow it to be placed in the kitchen or stored without problems, as well as guaranteeing a really simple and intuitive use, without complications. A good juicer if you don’t have great needs, as this juicer is very simple and essential.

Technical characteristics of Moulinex Vitae

Moulinex Vitae is a compact centrifuge with 200 W of power capable of liquefying the toughest fruits, vegetables and vegetables. It has a lid and a totally transparent pulp container that allows you to see the smoothie process with great visibility.

It measures 28.5 x 19.6 x 19 cm and weighs 1.9 kilos, meaning it is quite small and light, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen. The voltage of this centrifuge is 230 V. It reaches a rotation speed of 12,800 rpm to extract the maximum possible juice from different foods.

The filter of this centrifuge is made of stainless steel, extending its life and service life and a metal safety lock. In white, this Moulinex Vitae juicer allows you to obtain fruit and / or vegetable juices completely clean from seeds, skins or similar, ready-to-drink juices.

In just two minutes you can get delicious and nutritious juices that you can drink right now so that your body takes advantage of all its vitamins and minerals. It is assembled and disassembled very quickly and easily. Its parts (except where the motor is located) can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problems.

It is ideal for liquefying all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, carrots, pomegranates, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes and everything you can imagine. As a safety measure, it must be said that the Moulinex Vitae centrifuge does not work if the lid has not been perfectly closed.

It has a small compartment in the lower area that allows you to store the cable, so as to ensure greater order and take up less space. Many smoothies can be prepared for your different needs, either to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis to lose weight or detoxify your body.

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Customer questions and answers

  • Have you tried making juice from carrots, vegetables, cucumbers or the like? 

Very good but you always have to peel everything. The peel of vegetables is sometimes hard and clogs the blade a lot. If you peel everything first, that’s much better.

  • I would like to know if the filter is made entirely of stainless steel. Thanks

Hi. It has a plastic part, which is attached to the base, that is, the flange. But it is very resistant and does not cause problems.

  • Does it make a lot of noise? I am looking for a “silent” centrifuge

Finding a silent blender will cost you a lot. This makes noise, but quite well damped.


  • It is fast in operation, simple to handle and safe, even for the little ones in the house
  • It is a fairly practical centrifuge
  • Its dimensions are perfect to have it above the worktop or even to be able to store it in a piece of furniture and extract it for each use
  • Fruit and / or vegetable juice comes out completely clean from seeds, skins and so on
  • It is supported by a well-known brand in the market
  • The hole to put the fruit is small, so you have to cut the fruit into several pieces beforehand
  • Sometimes, depending on the hardness of the vegetable, fruit or vegetable, it can freeze
  • Cleaning this juicer is not as simple, easy and quick as you may wish
  • It does not take full advantage of fruit and vegetables and wastes a small part of them
  • The materials of manufacture, although correct, can be improved
  • It has no dripping function
  • Not too tall glass should be used, because there is no room for a large one
  • Its capacity and size only allows it to be able to produce only one glass of juice each time
  • While powerful for making any type of fruit or vegetable juice, it may not be as good as more consistent foods


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