Oppo has launched its flagship, the Enco X earbuds. The new Enco X isn’t just another pair of earbuds, it’s also Oppo’s flagship model, meaning the company is getting more serious than ever on the smart audio device market. The Oppo Enco X offers active noise cancellation, audio technology from Danish company Dynaudio, and a pleasing pod-like design.

Do the new Oppo Enco X earphones stand out in the sea of TWS earphones? I have an answer for you in this review.

  • Safe and direct sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Strong compatibility with Oppo smartphones
  • Limited control options
  • No iOS fans
  • Slightly edged sound


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In the box

Oppo Enco X is supplied in a rectangular box with the earphones inside, spare rubber pads of various sizes and a user manual.

  • Oppo Enco X
  • x4 Grommets
  • User manual


L’Enco X di OPPO adotta un’estetica simile a quella degli AirPods Pro, ha un albero inferiore piuttosto piccolo e una testa integrata nella zona superiore.

Sul telaio ha tre microfoni non solo captano la nostra voce per le chiamate, ma annullano anche il rumore esterno.

Each headset weighs 4.8 grams, in line with other competitor models. The case, on the other hand, remains at 42.5 grams. Inside each earphone is 44mAh of battery and an 11mm dynamic driver. For sound, OPPO has teamed up with Dynaudio and ensures that Daniel Emonts, Chief Acoustic Specialist at Dynaudio A / S, has optimized the headphones to deliver better quality.


Oppo has drawn on Dynaudio’s expertise so that the dual coaxial drivers deliver high quality sound. The manufacturer uses a magnetically balanced 6mm diaphragm driver for the high frequencies, which is faced with an 11mm three-layer dynamic composite driver for the mid and low frequencies. The frequency range is from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Overall, the sound can convince us. Even at 50% of the volume, the in-ear headphones are quite powerful and develop their sound quite wide. The bass is (to the ears) very deep and full, but it also loves being in the foreground. However, the mids and highs are not overlooked too much, especially the voices are reproduced clearly. The instruments are also shown in detail, especially in the higher frequency range. In general, the Enco X can play a wide range of music.

In addition, the comfort is very effective. The in-ears fit well in the ear and seal quite effectively thanks to the attachments. Even after a slightly longer period of musical enjoyment and one episode or another of a series, Enco X is not annoying. The earphones (as mentioned above) weigh only 4.8 grams each, the charging case weighs 42.5 grams. But both comfort and sound depend on your personal feelings, so try headphones.

Noise Cancellation

Maximum noise cancellation provides the best experience, but is suitable for commuting on public transport or jogging in a noisy park. Otherwise, this setting will cause discomfort for prolonged use. Best to go with is the regular noise canceling setting, which doesn’t prevent loud noise from entering but provides a balanced output.


Transparency mode

Transparency mode is when you want to talk to people without removing the earphones.

You can activate these modes by long pressing the earphones, or you can go to earphone functions on an Oppo smartphone to control, or on the HeyMelody app on any Android phone to set your favorite mode.


The Enco Xs are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and are therefore up to date. In terms of codecs, the in-ears are wireless with SBC, AAC and LHDC (up to 24-bit and 96kHz), although the latter can only be used in conjunction with a compatible device such as the internal Find X2 and finds smartphones X2 Pro.

Pairing takes place by opening the charging case, but this option is only available with Oppo smartphones with ColorOS 7.0 and above, otherwise it can be done by pressing the button on the side. The latter is fast, and if you have an Android smartphone you can then load the “Hey Melody” app from the Google Play Store, which allows you to make some adjustments. IOS users currently have no availability, a suitable app is expected to arrive in this first quarter of 2021, but until then there is still no chance that Apple users can reassign touch functions.


The earbuds are also IP54 rated for dust and water resistance which is a plus.


The Enco X impressed me with its battery life performance despite the ANC features. On average, I used the Enco X for almost two hours a day and at the end of the second week the battery indicator on the case started flashing orange. The earbuds themselves never discharged (Oppo claims the earbuds can last up to four hours with Strong ANC). Charging an empty case takes almost 1.5 hours, while the earbuds take just over an hour to fully charge. Qi wireless charging is also supported which is convenient if you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging.

Final Thoughts

The Oppo Enco X isn’t the most complete package, but it’s definitely a deviant option with a secure sound and a comfortable fit. However, limited compatibility with iOS devices and poor control options mean they aren’t suitable for everyone.



Check the price on Amazon


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