PadMate is a brand you have probably never heard of but the company has existed since 2010 .. The Chinese company is, like many others, trying to emerge on the market by no longer proposing itself as an ODM, or as a manufacturer for third parties, but with its own brand. Last year the company launched a fund campaign on Indiegogo promising the launch of the PaMu Scroll, completely wireless headphones that could compete with the main names in this nascent sector. Padmate focuses on three aspects: design, functionality and sound quality.


The PaMu Scrolls are your true run-of-the-mill wireless earbuds with nothing really special about their design, as far as the shape of the earbuds is concerned. They are oval with an angled nozzle and a two-tone faceplate textured like a skin with a small strip in glossy black on one side. The earbuds are two-tone, all being black with a bronze bezel ring around the top. It is the same color as the charging case. They are completely made of plastic.

Pamu Scroll

There is a status LED on the top of each headset that flashes blue or red: blue indicates the headset is connected, red indicates it is connected or charging, alternating blue and red indicates it is in association mode. This is standard behavior, so anyone who has used Bluetooth products will be comfortable with it. Charging takes place thanks to two metal pins on the side facing the ear.

Sound quality

Coming to the most important aspect, the PaMu Scroll are excellent sounding earphones that hit more than the price. The new Scroll earphones offer balanced audio across all different genres of the music library. The improvements come in the form of lower levels, clarity and definition in the overall sonic signature. PaMu Scroll has a decent soundstage and you can clearly hear every beat, voice and the particular sound produced by the music equipment. In some places, you can feel that the bass is overpowering other audio elements, but it’s not very extreme. The call quality is also pretty solid and you may be able to hear the other person clearly; however, it appears that the microphones on the earphones are not very loud. Other people on the call have often complained of lower voice levels as if the microphones were unable to pick up the voice properly.


As for battery life, the earbuds can last for just over 3 hours with a full charge cycle. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours. Importantly, the leather finish charging case can recharge the earbuds battery about three times, which brings the total music playback time to about 9 hours, quite well!

Final thoughts

Once again Pamu Scroll has managed to provide a solid product. The new wireless earbuds improve design, audio and connectivity. What about a good product.


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