Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL air fryer !

The Princess Aerofryer XL 182020 can be used to cook healthy meals for the whole family. Frying, baking, grilling, cooking and roasting are all cooking techniques. It has a capacity of 3.2 liters and can make up to five dishes of crispy and delicious French fries in one batch. It includes a digital display and eight preprogrammed settings, making it easy to use.

  • Your favorite foods can be cooked in a convection fryer while retaining their flavor and texture.
  • Food can be cooked using air convection technology by heating it with hot air.
  • An adjustable thermostat, an integrated timer and a digital touchscreen display manage the temperature.
  • It’s easy to make enough fries for the whole family thanks to its huge capacity (5.2 liters) and high power (1700 watts).
  • Cleaning is facilitated by dishwasher-safe components and easy-to-remove components.
  • Since the wire is approximately 7 feet long, there must be an outlet nearby for this fryer.


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In the box

Princess Digital Aerofryer XL is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the air fryer, a grill and a user manual.

A quick rundown of the most important features

As the 4.5 liter stainless steel casing is oil free, there is no need to use oil to prepare healthy snacks in the Princess Digital Air Fryer. The Digital Aerofryer can be used to prepare a variety of foods. Fresh fish and chips, breads, cakes and roasts are available. This is a great alternative for small groups as you can make up to six plates of fries at a time.

The Aerofryer is preprogrammed with eight different settings to make things even easier. Simplify the process of determining temperature and time. It is not possible for the Princess Fryer handle to overheat while it is in operation. The basket can be washed in the dishwasher after use.

Features to know about the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL

In addition to frying, the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL can also bake, grill and roast. This is due to its unrivaled combination of hot air and temperature control. It is not necessary as the high speed air convection does not need oil and has no smell. Is there a big difference in taste? No, but it is healthier and cheaper than the previous one.

It is really easy to use

When you use a basket with a handle to serve food, it’s easy and safe. For easy cleaning, the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL boasts a detachable basket and drawer with non-stick coating. The fryer cannot be moved as it is fixed to any surface with non-slip feet. The Aerofryer also has a safety feature that protects it from overheating. This Princess Air Fryer will quickly become your favorite gadget for preparing delicious and healthy meals.

When you purchase this item, you will be able to choose between eight different settings. As a result, it is versatile and easy to use

The Princess Digital Aerofryer XL can also roast, bake and grill a wide range of foods. It may be difficult to estimate the amount of time and temperature it takes to prepare food. When buying a deep fryer, you can choose from eight pre-programmed settings. You can start cooking with just one click of a button!

The easy-to-use digital control panel with built-in timer allows you to customize temperature and time settings. It is also quite easy to keep clean. Meatballs, flatbreads and quiches can all be prepared with this procedure.

Instead of water, oil is used

A small amount of oil is needed to fry food in hot air and on the go. Drizzle the raw potatoes with a tablespoon of oil to make them crunchy. Microwaves and deep fryers can both be used to reheat food without drying it out.

Reduce your calorie intake

This means that your meal will be as crunchy as if it were fried in oil, but with no calories. You can eat your favorite foods while maintaining a healthy diet if you use this product.

It is beneficial because it is easy to perform

During the night rush hour, all Princess Aerofryers help you stay calm. The Aerofryer will take care of the rest if you fill it with fries, meat or fish. From time to time, you may just want to shake things up a little. The end result will please your family. As easy as making a cake.


An Aerofryer can do more than just frying meals. It can also be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. Make crispy chicken breast or apple pie with the help of this kitchen equipment! Bacon and eggs are a great breakfast combo. Anything can be done without the need for oil.

From the user’s point of view

It can fry or cook foods (like chips) without using hot oil, according to the creators. This gadget pumps hot air through a range of preprogrammed settings, allowing you to choose the type of food you want to cook before starting.

When you take the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL out of the box, you may think it is too big for your workspace. Surely not. As a kitchen appliance, it is not ideal in terms of size. However, since it can do so many jobs at the same time, this is a big plus (5.2l).

Due to the absence of further instructions in the packaging, the assembly and testing of the Aerofryer took longer than expected. Here’s how it went: I did a lot of homework and double-checked everything. Finally, on their website, I discovered a Princess user manual. I decided to make my own chips and see if I could surpass the store bought ones minutes after learning how to use the digital interface.

Final Thoughts

As the Aerofryer is very large, make sure your kitchen has enough space to handle it. However, because it is so large, it has several advantages. You should purchase the Princess Digital Aerofryer if you have a busy family and want a stress-free cooking experience that takes less time and uses less fat or oil. As a result, the meal you are preparing now is richer in nutrients.



Check the price on Amazon


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