Children love to draw. This is a fact. They have limitless imaginations but lack the necessary drawing skills. Quincy is a drawing teacher and breaks drawing down into basic shapes and lines that children can follow very easily.

  • This smart robot is versatile and teaches drawing, spelling, numbers, codes and calculations
  • It is very easy to use
  • This drawing robot has more features
  • It is built with high quality material
  • This robot is a great partner for children
  • Comes with amazing drawing skills
  • The robot has a nice design
  • Charging cable and cards are included
  • Quite expensive
  • Request cards
  • For younger children, it is difficult to use the drawing function


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In the box

Quincy comes in a square box containing the robot, 2 pens, 24 picture cards, 10 number cards, 26 letter cards, 4 math challenge cards, 4 activity books, usb charging cable and a user manual.


  • Quincy
  • 2 x pens
  • 24 x illustrated cards
  • 10 x number cards
  • 26 x letter cards
  • 4 x math challenge cards
  • 4 x activity books
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Quincy features

Quincy is designed for learning, counting, spelling, and drawing. This AI robot is suitable for children over 5 years old. It is very easy to use and a fun way of learning. He is a mechanical wizard who shows drawing and helps children to draw. Not only does it draw, it also helps with spelling and counting quickly and effectively.


Quincy is built with high quality material. The robot is 15 cm tall and has two arms to hold the pen with which to draw.


This smart drawing robot is an artist equipped with a camera built into the eye which is provided to recognize different cards with the help of a QR code. The cards that come with the robot and when it recognizes the card, it starts drawing pictures and shapes together with the children.


At the top it has 3 buttons: Repeat which is used to make Quincy repeat, in case you didn’t understand, the last sentence or question he uttered. Stop to freeze the drawing and switch to another card. Next is used to go to the next step or sentence or to know the result of an operation.


In the back instead Quincy has a sound box at the top from where the sound of the voice will come out, in the middle it has a wheel to adjust the volume and at the bottom it has a USB port to charge Quincy.


The product includes multiple feature cards including images, letters and numbers. The card is made from a cleanable material that is sturdy and easy to store. In addition to drawing, let your kids learn to write and calculate with this smart robot. It is also a great tool for teachers to use as a teaching assistant to help their students learn various skills.

How to install it

To start using Quincy you will need to perform some small and simple steps, let’s see which ones.

Step 1


Install the robotic arm

  1. Hold the arm as shown
  2. The magnets will connect the arm to the body




Turn on the robot

  1. Turn the volume wheel to the right
  2. Quincy will say “Nice to meet you” and the eye will light up
  3. The arm will come back


Step 2


  1. Put the robot on top of the card
  2. It roughly needs to take up 1/3 of the sheet.


Step 3


Installing the pen

  1. Take the supplied pen or any other type of pencil that is 1 cm in diameter.
  2. Place the included spacer under the tip of the pen.
  3. Turn the knob to keep the pen steady.
  4. Remove the spacer.



Quincy covers a large learning area. Children can learn to write various commonly used objects, numbers, words and animals, as well as drawing skills. This AI robot can even do math work. Quincy will help children improve their grammar, math and art skills. This is a great source of educational inspiration.

Even children at the age of four can learn to draw through this robot.

This educational drawing robot will become your kids’ favorite partner. If you are wondering if a robot can make art, Quincy Intelligent Drawing Robot will shock you.

Why buy it?

With this Quincy smart drawing robot, your kids can independently complete their drawings and color them later. If you are worried that your kids will spend a lot of time playing on mobile phones, rest assured that this robot doesn’t have any apps. So, whether your child is an expert in dreaming or not, this robot will not do him any harm and will only improve his skills.

Final Thoughts

Quincy is a great companion that your child is sure to love. He allows your children to learn various skills in a fun way. This robot does exactly what he says, it recognizes the drawing on the paper you place in front of the camera’s eye and when he’s ready to start, it reproduces them. So that your kids can draw together with the robot following the step by step drawing lines and shapes. This drawing robot will make you feel relaxed and you won’t have to think about your child for a while, particularly during the COVID-19 situation when your kids are confined to home. You will feel very relaxed when you know your child is taking advantage of technology. It’s a great thing both as an educational game and as a pastime



Check the price on Amazon


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