Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about of the Riversong smartwatch !

The smartwatch is reasonably priced, in addition to its attractive style and performance. With its Motive wristwatch and Wave fitness band, Riversong, a manufacturer of IT accessories and audio devices, has entered the smart wearable industry.

Jelly is also a children’s watch. It is also produced by the same company. There are a number of companies fighting for control of the wearable device market right now, so it makes sense to enter the smartwatch market. It is the first time since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2010 that a Chinese company has created a watch.

In today’s market, most of what sets a smartwatch apart is its affordability, ease of use, and battery life.

  • Very good condition
  • It is easy to understand.
  • A simple performance
  • A strategy to use energy as efficiently as possible.
  • It is also not water resistant.
  • They had a pessimistic look on their faces.
  • The phone’s touch screen may not react as quickly as it should at times.


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In the box

Riversong is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the smartwatch, the charger and the user manual.

Features to know

Here are some of the features to be aware of.


A 2.5D tempered glass on the front of the watch shows the time in a very clean and professional style that is easy to read. A 1.33-inch TFT color screen displays the clock face and a single touch button in the user interface allows you to navigate the clock menus and set the time.

Exceptionally well built

The Riversong smartwatch has a more luxurious look than the Apple Watch thanks to the square display and curved corners. It has a smooth appearance that doesn’t look bumpy on the surface, rather than a button or bump on either side. On the back, the heart rate sensor is now sandwiched between two other components. Above it is a magnetic charging port.


The Motive + features a 1.33-inch full-touch IPS display that can be used as a touchscreen. We can only conclude that despite the high definition display, the Motive + screen works well. This is the simplest technique. Things won’t get easier. When a device is cheap, its responsiveness to touch, as well as the tactile experience, is an advantage.

In a variety of bright colors

There are two strap colors to choose from to match the watch: black and sepia. The dark one was ours. They are made of durable rubber and plastic, so they are lightweight and adjustable while maintaining a high degree of quality. Watches that are waterproof to a depth of 15cm to 1m can be submerged for a long time without losing functionality.

User interface

A single touch button on the watch’s front panel is used to navigate the watch’s built-in system. Shows the current date and time, as well as the number of steps taken. When it comes to interacting with the user interface, you have three options. Two of them must be used exactly as they are, while the third can be modified to suit your needs.

Any image can be used as a watch face, and the data displayed on the watch display can be repositioned. Riversong Motive, an app, can be used to make all these changes.

Press and hold the bottom touch button for a few seconds after tapping it to navigate the watch menus and perform tasks. The user interface is simple enough for an elementary school child to understand.

The 1.33-inch screen tied to your hands shows all your alerts in real time as soon as your smartphone is connected via Bluetooth. There are plenty of other ways to track things outside of text messages, social media notifications, and even know who’s calling.

A fitness tracker can help you keep track of how much you exercise each day

The Riversong is more than a fitness tracker; it is a fashion item. It also includes a touchscreen. With a fitness band, it can count your steps and calories burned, as well as inform you about the distance you have covered in real time. The same can be said of this timepiece, which is predictable.

Sports menu

A “Sports Menu” is also available on the site. Walking and jogging activities are available on this menu, as well as a variety of jumping and badminton games. As a result, the HRS3300 photoelectric chip in the watch starts a timer that records your heart rate when you undertake any of the activities specified above.

During a period of intense activity, the same technology measures both heart rate and the amount of calories burned. The watch can also track sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

You can use a cellphone with the Riversong

This watch can be used for more than just tracking your workouts. You can read messages in real time, receive alerts when your phone receives a call, and even reject a call from your watch. However, it is not possible to make or receive phone calls.

You can use the watch player menu to control your phone’s camera remotely, as well as to navigate your phone’s music selection.

The word “hours” refers to the time taken by a battery.

The Nordic-nRF52832 chipset powers the clock, which is powered by a 180mAh lithium-polymer battery bank. It has a battery life of two days. Standby can be up to 600 hours or 25 days. This, according to the company, is correct. According to previous research, a single charge could last up to a week with typical daily use. This is based on what we know right now.

Using a 5V charger designed for this purpose, it took about two and a half hours and fifteen minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100%. You’d think a watch in this price range would come with a standard battery.

Final Thoughts

In addition to activity tracking, the Riversong wristwatch has a host of other useful features. An Apple Watch-sized watch made from high-quality materials will last a long time. Thanks to its smooth and interesting features, near-premium style and long battery life, this is a wearable device of exceptional value.



Check the price on Amazon


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