Vacuuming your home is a difficult job, of course, a job that many people don’t like, but everyone should do. But with the right tool, it can get a lot easier, and that’s where the Rowenta Air Force 360 comes in. I tested the new Rowenta Air Force 360 vacuum cleaner. The high suction power, ergonomic design and powerful lithium ions should make your home shine in no time. I have decided to test the product just for you! Curious? Read here!


The steel vacuum cleaner is white in color with a blue tint here and there. Air Force 360  has a modern design, fits into almost any interior and can therefore be left in the living room or kitchen. The supplied combo brush is equipped with a flexible hose, so you can easily vacuum in hard to reach places (under seats or chairs, for example). The built-in LED lights are also useful. This allows you to easily vacuum in the darkest places and immediately see how much dust and dirt there is on the floor.

When you first use Rowenta Air Force 360, you immediately notice how light and ergonomic it is. From the moment you turn on the vacuum cleaner, everything is almost automatic.

The rubber wheels move smoothly on parquet, tile and carpet. Plus, you don’t need to keep pressing the power button constantly to be able to vacuum, so you no longer suffer from painful finger cramps. You can also easily convert the device into a vacuum cleaner. This way you can easily remove dirt on the table or other hard to reach places.

Finally, the parts of the cordless vacuum cleaner all work through a practical click or slide system. The small rubber / fabric brush, furniture attachment and cracker that need to be attached to the main part work through the sliding system. The combi brush, the turbo brush and the handle are stopped with a special locking system.

Rowenta Air Force 360 Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want to empty the dust container, you need to pull the lever to open the container. To do this you have to use a little force, the first time will definitely be a bit tough. But the practice will work in our favor because after numerous attempts it will become much more fluid.

Cleaning the combi brush is also very simple.

The Air Force 360 filter is made of washable foam, which makes it very light and flexible. Every month the filter must be rinsed under tap water. Then squeeze the filter to remove excess water and let it dry for at least 18 hours in the sun. The filter must be replaced after 1 year to continue to ensure optimal filtration.


Rowenta Air Force 18v

Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaners are always equipped with a variety of different brushes. For example, the Air Force 360 will come with a motorized brush cleaner, a mini brush, a nozzle, and a furniture and carpet brush. Each of these can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Of course, in some areas, you won’t even need a brush. Just remove the brush and hose and you’ll be able to simply use the Air Force 360’s base to do some suction.

Final Thoughts

Despite everything, Rowenta Air Force 360 is a nifty little device. It’s small and light enough to carry around without a problem, yet powerful enough to tackle the dirt. Plus, it looks nice, works well, and mounts quickly.

If you are looking for an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner, you may be interested in the Air Force 360. Give it a try and enjoy vacuuming for the first time ever.


  • With the special LED lighting on its suction head, you will not miss a single speck of dust.

  • Its weight of 1.9 kilos, this upright vacuum cleaner is very light, which is useful if you carry a lot of vacuum up the stairs.

  • With its 21.9 volt battery, this vacuum cleaner is more powerful than other models in this price range.

  • It doesn’t have a rotating brush, so this vacuum cleaner can have problems with pet hair.


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