Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy A02s !

If you are looking to buy a smartphone for you or for your loved one and you have an idea on the Samsung A02S series, don’t you think you need to know everything about the features, the functioning of this smartphone and how you can use it? Of course yes.

Before spending a certain figure, undoubtedly convenient thanks to its flexible prices, you should review the details on this product.

  • Accurate localization
  • Long battery life
  • Almost no heat development
  • No PWM
  • Nice design
  • Extremely slow WLAN
  • Slow and inaccurate autofocus
  • Relatively low performance


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In the box

Samsung Galaxy A02s is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the smartphone, power supply, USB cable, metal pin for the Sim and user manual.

Samsung Galaxy A02s smartphone overview

The Samsung A02s smartphone is available all over the world, including in Asia, at affordable prices and this is because it serves to guarantee users to buy the quality product at low cost or at an affordable cost.

The Samsung A02s smartphone generation was launched in November 2020. This smartphone offers multiple features while not that expensive and has an adorable plastic case in different colors.

The body is made of plastic and it is a hard material that can resist very well when dropped.

The screen of this stylish smartphone has a length of 6.5 inches and a width of a few millimeters and this makes it look more adorable when you go out in the sun, while its diamond becomes more visible with the fluorescent quality.

Samsung A02s smartphone is the most popular among people who are in love with a professional selfie camera. If you are one of them, this phone is the right choice to go ahead, buy and use its triple selfie camera services.

How does it work?

There is no doubt that it is adorable. If we talk about its appearance and physical functions such as cameras and screen flipping, it will surprise you in every moment. You need to know more and not just about the appearance of the smartphone.

It works wonders when you start enjoying its camera by taking a selfie, listening to music or watching a movie on its big, clear screen.

We all know that we will find some cons and pros in almost every product; the same thing also applies to the Samsung A02s smartphone and the list you can see at the beginning of the article.

It is easy to use and while having apps that keep you busy, letting you know about the things happening around you is not a problem because it updates you through the news by showing notifications.

It is easy to hold and carry thanks to its smart body. Its main processor is one of the best that fits best on a tight budget.

What Makes the Samsung A02s Smartphone Special?

As you switch from your old phone to the new Samsung A02s smartphone, you need to know its features before buying it or reject it right after listening to others. Here are the adorable features of this stylish smartphone.


The main focal point of this beautiful masterpiece is its 6.5-inch long screen. Its screen is compared to expensive smartphones. You will be surprised to see it among the best on a low budget.

Another amazing thing you should know about the display of the Samsung A02s smartphone is its diamond pattern which looks more adorable when you take the phone out in the sun. The diamond pattern will appear brighter.

The display allows you to watch HD videos with a high quality resolution of approximately 1600 × 720.

Having a resolution of 1600 × 720 means that this smartphone can show 270 pixels per inch, which is a wonderful property to make it more preferable.


It seems like a “wow” factor is the Samsung A02s smartphone, which not only features a large, high-resolution display, but also satisfies the user’s wishes by introducing its 3 high-quality 13MP cameras, while staying on a budget. accessible.

It is truly amazing that you can find the featured camera result at low prices compared to another expensive smartphone with the same camera quality.

This smartphone, as mentioned earlier, is equipped with an approximately 13MP camera supported by two other 2MP cameras on the back and a 5MP camera on the front for taking a selfie.


Another amazing feature of this adorable smartphone is its long-term memory which can make you feel great when you learn that you have more space to download more of your favorite games on your smartphone.

You can keep your memories safe in your phone thanks to its 32GB internal memory which makes it your favorite product.

You can also use an SD to increase the memory according to your needs up to 1TB. Its Octa-core processor with 3 GB of RAM also makes it capable of proceeding with a high-quality upload of information from the Internet.


It is the most suitable smartphone for those who love to play games, watch videos or use social media for a long time because it is equipped with a battery with a long battery life of 5000mAh.

This battery can run for hours without interrupting the flow of your interests, and if the battery runs out, you can recharge it in minutes to recharge your batteries and play your favorite game again.

User interface and software

It’s a wonderful feature that works together by bringing the software and hardware that work very close to each other to bring you the content you want to enjoy. You would like to see that it is also convenient to use in night mode.

It also comes with pre-downloaded software like Google, YouTube, Google Play Store and some other Samsung apps that you don’t need to download.

Advantages of the Samsung A02s smartphone

When you have a Samsung A02s smartphone, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Samsung A02s smartphone is one of the advanced phones of this generation with many interesting features to entertain the users.
It is not too expensive that ordinary people cannot afford it. Rather, it is affordable with low prices but not compromised with quality and quantity features.
It is also better to take professional photographs.
It is not as complex to use as other advanced phones, but it is very easy to use.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung A02s smartphone is the best phone for selfie lovers and those who want to enjoy the features of a luxurious and expensive phone on a low budget.



Check the price on Amazon


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