Along with its three new S-series phones, Samsung has also announced its truly wireless Galaxy Buds Pro headphones, which should be the company’s new flagship in this segment. They draw inspiration from the Galaxy Buds + design but claim to offer even better ergonomics and longer listening times. They also promise better audio quality and active noise cancellation from Buds Live.

  • Compact, comfortable and durable design
  • Good audio quality
  • Strong ANC
  • Robust feature set
  • Fast pairing
  • La durata della batteria con ANC potrebbe essere migliore
  • Potrebbe usare un fit test


In the box

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes in a square box with headphones, usb cable and spare rubber pads inside.

Galaxy Buds Pro

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
  • Usb cable
  • Spare rubbers


With the Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung has combined the subtle curves of the Live with the small stature of the original Galaxy Buds. The result is tiny earphones that are comfortable despite a tip that enters and seals the ear canal.

Another design cue of the Galaxy Buds Live is the glossy exterior. The exterior of each earphone has a glossy touchpad that accepts taps and presses to control music and calls. The bottom has a colored matte coating to match the exterior. Finally, Samsung has opted for the same case shape as the Galaxy Buds Live. Buds and Buds + both come with an elongated pill-shaped holder.

Two microphones are visible on the outside, and the one closest to your face is covered by what Samsung calls Wind Shield technology. The mesh-lined Wind Shield chamber further reduces weather-related problems. Combined with the other external microphone and a third internal, these components work together to block out noise as part of the ANC configuration.


Samsung calls the Galaxy Buds Pro its most water resistant with an IPX7 rating. This means the Buds Pro can be submerged in 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes and can splash from any angle. AirPods Pro and Buds Live only have ratings of IPX4 and 2 respectively. The Galaxy Buds Pro aren’t just durable, they’re sustainable too.


The Galaxy Buds Pro offer noise cancellation which Samsung says can reduce background noise by up to 99% and you can tune the ANC to your preferred level. They also offer an Ambient Sound mode, which can amplify external sounds for things like having a conversation. And the headphones can switch between modes intelligently by sensing when you speak.


Il Galaxy Buds Pro ha una configurazione a doppio driver, con un “woofer” più grande da 11 mm che guida i bassi e sub-bassi e un “tweeter” più piccolo da 6,5 ​​mm che porta i medi e gli alti. Non posso dire se si tratta di parti più nuove rispetto ai Buds +, ma il Pro suona decisamente meglio alle mie orecchie, il che è almeno in parte dovuto al design.

Dolby Head Tracking

The headphones also offer 360 Audio, which is built with Dolby Head Tracking technology. Essentially Samsung’s version of Apple’s spatial audio, the feature should help you get a surround sound experience in a pair of stereo headphones.

Voice Detect

The incredible “Voice Detect” feature, which regularly reduces the amount of audio and switches between ANC and ambient mode every time you start talking, is probably one of the coolest things about Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung uses “Voice Detect”, primarily an accelerometer that detects the movement of the jaw, to know that you are speaking and never someone nearby. After a couple of seconds without speaking any more, ANC returns and your music will be reactivated. Voice detection works as expected, however when you’ve gotten an inclination to talk to yourself or sing to your own music, you may need to keep it disabled and assign ambient sound to a long press on the headset. The controls work the same as the different Samsung earphones, with a single tap to pause / play, double to skip to the next music, triple to return, and a customizable long press that can be used for quantity, voice assistants or ambient mode.


Samsung has the Galaxy Buds Pro rated for 5 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation enabled. With ANC disabled, the estimated battery life changes to 8 hours.

With the charging case, the Buds Pro can last up to 18 hours with ANC on or 28 hours without. When it’s time to recharge, the earbuds can get one hour of battery life from 5 minutes of charging.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Galaxy Buds Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to connect to multiple devices. It has a theoretical range of 250 meters.

Connecting to other devices

While most people interested in the Galaxy Buds Pro probably own a Samsung smartphone or at least an Android device, it’s important to note that, like almost all wireless earbuds, many of the Buds Pro’s best features disappear when used with a Mac, PC. or iPhone.

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Also, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds iOS app doesn’t yet support Buds Pro, so if you’re just an iPhone user, you can’t download updates or change various earbud settings. The same can be said about using Buds Pro with a Mac or PC when you also have an Android device. Of course, if you change the settings on an Android smartphone and then plug the earphones into a MacBook or PC, this problem goes away. This also means that you can’t reconfigure touch controls, shift the intensity of active noise cancellation, or change gesture controls unless you’re connected to an Android device.

App Galaxy Wearable

Galaxy Buds Pro


Come i precedenti auricolari Samsung, l’app Galaxy Wearable consente di configurare tutte le impostazioni per Galaxy Buds Pro. Fornisce informazioni sulla durata della batteria in alto in modo da non doverle cercare. Anche la sezione Noise Control è prominente, ed è qui che puoi alternare tra ANC, suono ambientale o disattivarli completamente. Samsung offre due opzioni per la cancellazione del rumore, alta e bassa, oltre a quattro opzioni per la quantità di rumore ambientale che si desidera far entrare. Infine, questa sezione consente di disabilitare il rilevamento vocale, la funzione che abbassa automaticamente il volume e cambia da ANC a suono ambientale quando inizi a parlare.

L’app è dove puoi disabilitare i touch pad sugli auricolari se necessario. E poiché puoi riconfigurare il gesto touch-and-hold, l’app Galaxy Wearable è dove lo farai anche tu. Samsung non ti offre molte opzioni, ma puoi sostituire il controllo del rumore predefinito (passa tra ANC e suono ambientale) con un pulsante dell’assistente vocale dedicato, controlli del volume (in alto a destra, in basso a sinistra) o accesso one-touch a Spotify.

Come al solito, Samsung ti dà accesso ad alcune funzionalità aggiuntive nella sezione Labs dell’app. Qui è dove troverai la modalità di gioco a bassa latenza. In Avanzate, puoi abilitare / disabilitare Bixby a mani libere (attivazione vocale Bixby), il passaggio automatico ad altri dispositivi sul tuo account Samsung o regolare il bilanciamento audio sinistra / destra.

Samsung ti offre la possibilità di localizzare gli auricolari smarriti con Galaxy Buds Pro, tramite SmartThings Find. Quell’app può aiutare anche se le gemme sono disconnesse dal Bluetooth o offline. SmartThings Find fornisce una mappa con indicazioni dettagliate e può riprodurre uno squillo per aiutarti a rintracciare gli auricolari.

Final Thoughts

With the Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung has made almost all the necessary improvements over the Buds Plus: better sound, more comfortable fit, improved design, sweat-resistant waterproofing, and most importantly, active noise cancellation which is pretty damn good.


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