Wireless headsets are all the rage now, with dozens of companies coming into the game and making great products. But Samsung was actually very early in this trend – its first IconX earbuds came out in 2016. With years of experience in smartphone accessories and the acquisition of Harman in 2016, Samsung has greatly enhanced its audio capabilities, ranging from high-end equipment to lifestyle products like the new Galaxy Buds.

Now let’s see specifically what the Samsung Galaxy Buds are.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds have a sleek, premium look and a low profile design. The earbuds themselves are small and don’t protrude too much from your ears. They are very comfortable for in-ear headphones as they don’t go very deeply into the ear canal and are available with several tip and earphone options to help you find the perfect fit. Once fitted correctly, they are very stable and stay in place even during vigorous activity without putting too much pressure on the inner ear. This makes them a good option for sports.

Sound quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are really closed wireless in-ear headphones with decent sound. They have very accurate audio reproduction with very good bass, impressive midrange and high treble. They have a relatively neutral sound that is fairly well balanced across the range, making them suitable for a wide range of playing styles. However, they are a bit shy on the bass and miss a few hits. This can make heavier genres like hip-hip and EDM less exciting. The Galaxy Buds also peak in the treble range around 10kHz, which results in sibilants, which sound overly sharp and piercing. However, not everyone hears high frequencies equally, so this may not disturb everyone equally. There are a couple of EQ presets to choose from in their mobile app, so you can tweak the way they sound slightly. That said, they still offer a satisfying listening experience overall.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds have good insulation performance. They passively block out a fair amount of noise, and depending on the quality of a seal that can be achieved with different earbuds, they can even block out more noise than some noise-canceling headphones. They don’t effectively isolate low-end noise like deep bus or airplane engine noises, but they do a great job of blocking out mid- and high-range sounds, such as chatter in offices. Like most in-ear headphones, the Galaxy Buds also lose almost no sound, even at higher volumes. This is great for office workers who don’t want to disturb their colleagues or commuters who catch the train early in the morning.


Samsung claims that up to 6 hours of playback can be achieved when the Buds are fully charged with an additional seven-hour charge from the case. And battery life in actual use is actually pretty close to the company’s estimates. The charging case has a USB-C port so you can use your phone’s charger. If you have a Galaxy S10, you can also open the case on the back and charge it using Wireless PowerShare.


While you can use the Galaxy Buds alone, pairing them with the free Galaxy Wearable app (Android, iOS) unlocks much more features. The app allows you to monitor the buds’ battery life and connection status, configure touchpad options, and update firmware. You can also select whether the Buds notify you of new notifications or not and read them aloud.

In addition, you can activate / deactivate the Ambient Noise function and adjust the amount of external noise, which is useful when walking or exercising in public. It’s a feature that AirPods currently lack, but we hope to see in the next iteration, the AirPods 2.

One of the most important features available in the app is the Equalizer, which allows you to adjust the audio to your liking. There are five settings (Dynamic, Bass Boost, Soft, Treble Boost and Clear) which help enhance different playing styles. Bass Boost, for example, is ideal for deep bass tracks, such as hip-hop songs, while Clear is more suitable for acoustic or live recordings.

The other main feature of the app is Find My Buds. It is used to find a headset that has been mistakenly lost, thanks to a loud and high-pitched sound it is possible to locate the lost headset very quickly.

Final thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy Buds offer great sound, over 6 hours of battery life, and near-instant pairing, all in a pair of stylish and comfortable gems.



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