Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 !

Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The latest small foldable in the company’s growing range, and it has had a pretty radical redesign from the first generation.

Flip fans were treated to a completely new design, loads of new colors, a much larger outer lid display and top-of-the-line specs. Despite this, the phone has somehow also gotten a noticeable price cut, making it much more affordable than last time around.

  • Lots of power and robust software
  • Very nice shell design
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • 25W fast charging
  • NFC and 5G support
  • Relatively small battery
  • Quite often when folded


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In the box

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the smartphone, usb cable for charging, power supply with fast charging, a metal pin for the sim and a user manual.


The main screen shows a 6.7-inch foldable dynamic 2X AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. If you were thinking about crystal clear displays, you are on the right track. It displays a resolution of 1080p, so don’t worry about the images working on your phone during the day, it doesn’t distract you thanks to the 1200 nits of screen brightness. Furthermore, the screen is certified with HDR10 +. What makes the phone more attractive is its 1.9-inch Super AMOLED screen.

When folded, it becomes convenient to carry it in your pocket. When you fold the phone, it becomes a small GoPro camera. Although its size and weight are similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone seems easier to hold, the phone weighs just 183g. Thanks to the water resistance feature, you don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet. The inversion layout is also incredibly versatile and innovative.

Galaxy Z Flip3

There are 7 colors according to the company information. If you don’t like Phantom Black or Green, there are Lavender, Cream, White, Pink and Gray. With so many color variations, it must be an attractive piece.

Only a dual camera is placed on the back. Built with an aluminum frame, the fingerprint sensor is positioned on the sidebar.


With a Snapdragon 888 and 8GB of RAM, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is a powerhouse. Didn’t stumble once while browsing apps in Flex mode. In short, the Flip3 feels like any other Snapdragon 888 powered device.

Intensive games like Genhin Impact and Asphalt 9 work beautifully on the Flip3. I have never noticed any dropped frames. Games that support higher refresh rates like Dead Cells also work wonderfully on this phone. Of course, battery life is the only obstacle, which I’ll talk to in a second.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 launches with Android 11 and Samsung One UI 3.1.1. The July 1, 2021 monthly Android security update is featured on our review unit.

The software on the Z Flip3 appears to be similar to what we see on the S21 series with a fairly standard Samsung Android experience.

I need to explore the functionality of the cover display and delve into what unique folding software elements are present in this form factor.

The camera has some unique Flex Mode features, I’m also curious how video conferencing works with Google Duo or Teams.


Galaxy Z Flip3

Given the limited surface area of a clamshell design, there are no stacks of space for all sorts of cameras to litter the Z Flip3’s body. But this is a good thing.

Samsung hasn’t littered this device with junk lenses, instead focusing on what matters: a duo of main and wide-angle cameras. So still no zoom, but we’re sure you can do without it.

Many had hoped that the Z Flip3 would push significantly forward in the camera department, but what you find here is a reflection of its predecessor: 12-megapixel sensors are one and the same.

The big change is in the camera housing design. It looks much neater, much larger lenses, arranged in that raised glossy section in a much more natural design format.

However, this time around we’d like to see some higher resolution offerings in the mix, to put the Flip up there with the best of Samsung.


Samsung is also making the Galaxy Z Flip3 a great phone to consume content on. It now has stereo speakers and supports Dolby Atmos. It allows you to watch your favorite YouTuber or TV show on the go, with a great audio experience. Of course, pairing it with the Flex Mode panel makes it much easier to look at something and not have to hold the phone in your hand.


Mentre prima del lancio si ipotizzava che Z Flip3 avrebbe supportato una ricarica più rapida da 25 W, in realtà le velocità rimangono le stesse: ricarica cablata da 15 W e wireless da 10 W.

Anche la batteria è invariata, con una configurazione a due celle con la stessa capacità totale, di 3300 mAh, dei due modelli precedenti. Si spera che le ottimizzazioni energetiche altrove aiuteranno invece la batteria a durare un po’ più a lungo.

Final Thoughts

Small and stylish, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a foldable clamshell phone with an adequately sized cover screen where you can read your messages, set timers, or even take photos. While the camera system and battery won’t blow your mind, everything else looks pretty fine.



Check the price on Amazon


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