Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we will talk about the SE Electronics X1 A microphone!

It’s pretty obvious that you won’t be able to record music, speak in a public gathering while performing, or do anything without having a high-quality microphone. Yes, you read that right for all these things to do, you have to have a microphone with all the amazing features, so you don’t have to contend with bad quality sound.

SE electronics introduced the SE X1 A microphone which has all the classic features and was built with a fairly high quality material.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Project Studio Reflexion Filter performs well
  • Well done
  • Pop filter not effective from very close


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In the box

SE X1 A is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the microphone, plastic support to screw it to the rod, swivel microphone clip and a user manual.

How does this SE X1 A microphone work?

You can use this microphone for various purposes. If you speak in public, your voice will reach every single person in the crowd. For high quality audio recordings, for radio, television, concert hall broadcasts or to give a more detailed sound to your high intensity equipment such as electric guitars or bass drum, you can use this microphone.

High quality construction

SE X1 A is made of high quality metal which rejects any electrical and noise interference during use. The metal finish makes this microphone durable for years. It won’t look ugly or old before.

You may have seen other microphones that may not look good or work properly after a few months. The reason is that they were not built with high quality material. You may want to pay attention to every single little detail of this microphone because it was built with high quality material.

The gold-plated XLR connection will ensure you don’t lose signal, and this won’t get worse over time. It also has a swivel microphone clip and comes with a thread adapter, so you can easily use it with your old microphone stand.

Acoustic design

This capsule microphone can be called a work of art. It has stellar sonic performance if you use it in your recording room, public event or for any other reason. You won’t get mad as it can deliver high frequency sounds with zero distortion.

To keep the internal structure safe from any type of impact, an integrated windshield has been installed in this capsule. You won’t need an external pop filter because you have this built-in widescreen.

If you want to compare this capsule-shaped microphone with any other, you can start with its design. A design you can rely on and the mic won’t go bad anytime soon. This improved and updated capsule-shaped design has an integrated windshield that provides all the extra safety to the capsule.

In addition, the integrated windshield will minimize the need for an external pop filter.

Enhance the dynamics of the range

You can turn this mic on the left with a 20dB pad switch. This microphone offers enhanced dynamic range. You can use it for a close-mic technique for your high-intensity instruments like heavy drums or heavy electric guitars.

On the right side, it has a 100Hz low-cut switch that will help you eliminate low-quality noise while using the close mic feature.

Gold-plated XLR connector

To make sure your microphone doesn’t lose signal during your performances, sound recording sessions or for whatever reason you’re using it, a gold-plated XLR connector has been installed.

You have already read about the features of this product, but if you are still a little confused as to whether you should buy this product or not, here are the benefits of buying:

Economic investment

You may think this microphone will cost you a fortune. Well, nothing like that is going to happen because it’s a pretty cheap investment. Do not worry. They’re affordable doesn’t mean they don’t come with high-end features. You’ve already read about the amazing features above.

You don’t have to go for fancy expensive microphones when you can get all those expensive microphone features in this one. You can rely on this microphone as it is made of high quality metal with minimal electrical and noise interference.

Extraordinary range

The sound quality is simply phenomenal. Nobody brags about this microphone, but once you use it, you will know for yourself why this product is better than any other microphone available on the market. The sound will be crystal clear and transparent. If you use it with your acoustic guitar, it will be great, focused and detailed.

It has a 20dB pad switch that you can easily extend your dynamic range and this mic can handle high intensity instruments like electric guitars and bass drum.

Perfect for beginners

People who just want to start their music career or want to do any kind of recording. Public speech must have a high-quality microphone in front of it. Without a microphone, how will you record high quality sound and how will you be able to deliver your message to the audience?

So, for any beginner, the SE X1 A is just perfect. You don’t have to choose pro-grade microphones when you may not have complete information on such electronic devices alone. To take the first step in using a high quality microphone, this is the most suitable choice. You can go further with better and expensive options in the future, but get a star with this product.

Final Thoughts

Now will your know-how on using the right microphone improve the frequency and intensity of the sound? Well, you may have many other choices while shopping for a microphone, but if you want to buy a cheap one with some really great features, don’t waste your money or time on any other product. Just simply buy this right away. You won’t regret buying this product on this budget as it offers a lot of good features at a reasonable price.



Check the price on Amazon


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