Sena introduces the 10C Pro, an upgrade of the popular 10C Bluetooth camera and communication system. Combining Sena’s Bluetooth expertise, innovative headphone devices and camera technology, the Sena 10C Pro is truly innovative. Integrated camera technology includes 1080p: 60fps video, timelapse video and compatibility with the Sena Camera app.

In the box

  • Pro 10C clamping unit
  • 10C Pro Glued Surface Mount Plate
  • Helmet speakers
  • Wired boom microphone
  • WiredMicrophone
  • Prism USB power and data cable
  • 2x microphone sponges
  • 2x hook and loop fasteners for speakers
  • Hook and loop closure for wired microphone stand
  • Hook and loop closure for wired microphone
  • Stand for boom microphone
  • Hook and loop closure for boom microphone holder
  • 2x hook and loop fasteners for speakers (circle)
  • 2 foam speaker covers
  • 2x speaker pads (thick)
  • 2x speaker pads (slim)
  • Allen key
  • 1Amp cigarette charger
  • 10C Pro Quick Start Guide
  • 2 year guarantee

Note: you need a microSD card, class 10, not exceeding 64GB (not included) and I recommend you buy the 64GB Samsung EVO Plus

Bluetooth 4.1 e Universal Intercom

Stay in touch with three other riders via built-in Bluetooth intercom up to 1.6 km (1.0 miles) away. The 10C Pro helmet camera and Bluetooth communication system allow riders to take and make phone calls, listen to music and GPS, connect with on-bike entertainment systems, use the built-in FM tuner and more. Integrated voice prompts alert cyclists to use their device with instant updates on the 10C Pro’s status.

Cameras and viewing angles

Sena 10C Pro is the first: the fusion of a high performance HD motorcycle action camera and an intercom to effectively create the world’s first Bluetooth audio / video helmet communication system.

Therefore, 10C Pro riders can not only record their own voice on video, but can also conduct four-way intercom communication with other riders at distances up to 1.6km.

But the amazing features don’t stop there.

The 10C Pro includes the latest Bluetooth 4.1 and a water-resistant uni-body design with voice commands.

Equipped with the updated specs of the 2k motorcycle helmet camera, the 10C Pro shoots in sharp QHD (1440p / 30fps or 1080p 30 / 60fps) with a resolution of 3.7MP (16: 9) and an increased field of view of 135 degrees. The 10C Pro also includes Smart Audio Mix ™, which mixes intercom audio and smartphone music directly into video.

Dovresti comprarlo?

Overall, I think the combined updates and enhancements benefit the user and make it easy to use the unit to capture stills and videos while communicating with your friends on a trip or just listening to your tunes via a smartphone. I think it’s a real deal. I don’t really know of another unit that has these capabilities in an all-in-one device.

Final thoughts

The 10c Pro is very beautiful … very beautiful indeed! Nothing else can be added.

Full specifications

Audio quality: good up to 130 km / h
Communication distance: up to 1.6km in open and interference-free spaces
Number of connected users: up to 4
Battery life: up to 17 hours of use (up to 2 hours of video recording)
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Universal intercom: yes
Music sharing: yes
Automatic volume adjustment: yes
Voice messages: yes
Helmet compatibility: universal
Waterproof: yes
FM radio: yes with RDS AF, 10 storable stations and an automatic scan function (76-108 Hz).
Bluetooth: 4.1.
Compatibility with TFT systems: KTM MyRide (more info here) and BMW (more info here)
Wind Noise Suppression: Yes (Advanced Noise Control), SBC Codec, large volume control and 48 kHz sampling rate (DAC).
Resolution: 1440p / 30fps, 1080p / 60fps or 1080p / 30fps
Lens aperture range: 135 degrees
F / 2.0 aperture
Photo: 3.7 MP (16/9)
Time-lapse mode: single shot every 1 or 10 seconds
Micro SD: not included, but there is the possibility to insert a memory card with a maximum size of 64 GB (click here to buy one)

User manual

PDF User Manual for Sena 10c Pro: Sena-10c-Pro-User-Manual.pdf



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