If you are looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headset, be sure to read this guide on buying bluetooth headphones.

In this buyer’s guide, I’ve included everything, including some small aspects that many earbuds are missing.

The recent buzz and technological advancements of Bluetooth headset are making it clear that wireless audio listening is the future.

If you’re sick of messing with the hassle of wires in your headphones and are finally willing to buy a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we dive into the guide, I warn you that once you get used to Bluetooth headset, you will never look back on wired headphones unless you are an audiophile. Take it as a mental note.

Ok. Let’s dive in.

What to watch out for when buying Bluetooth headsets?

AptX coding

Risultati immagini per bluetooth

This is the wireless headphone technology that has changed the way people perceive wireless headphones.

Prior to the adoption of this technology by wireless companies, the sound played by bluetooth headsets was at a loss. The sound quality has deteriorated when the wireless media is transmitted by air.

With AptX encoding, it is now possible to compress sound waves without loss so that the sound quality is similar to that of a CD.

Most good wireless headphones come with built-in AptX coding. Make sure you only buy wireless headphones marked with AptX encoding if you care about audio quality.

Battery life

Bluetooth headset

One of the things you need to remember before buying them is that wireless headphones need to be recharged almost daily depending on usage.

Some of the good wireless headphones for less than € 100 like the PadMate Pamu Scrolls have 3 hours of battery life but with the appropriate case they can have up to 9 hours more in duration. So if you’re the one who tends to forget to charge your headphones every day, these would be a good choice.

And the bass?

Bluetooth headset

Bass is where most mediocre wireless headphones suck. Wired headphones are the ones that really excel in bass.

But hopefully, there are good wireless headphones especially from Samsung and Apple won’t settle for less bass even in the case of wireless headphones.

Headphones with larger drivers tend to offer more bass and sound quality.

Bluetooth operating range

Most Bluetooth headphones work well in the 30 foot range. However, this is not true in all cases.

Let’s assume that if you are using an old cellphone with a new wireless headset, the phone cannot meet the expectations of the headset and in turn reduces the operating distance to 10 feet.

If you have an older phone, buying the latest state-of-the-art wireless headphones won’t make much difference to your operating range.

Make sure both the emitter (your phone) and the receiver (your headphones) work with the latest Bluetooth to give you the best audio listening experience.


Bluetooth headphones come at a price. While they are more expensive than their wired counterparts, due to the rapid development of technology and stiff competition, the prices of wired and wireless headphones are getting closer.

However, if you need the same audio quality as good wired headphones, you have to pay a much higher price to get wireless ones.

Considering the good balance between the sound quality and the price below € 50, the Homscam QCY T1 Bluetooth Headset would be an ideal choice for you.


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