Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Vtin R4 bluetooth speaker!

Bluetooth speakers are very practical and comfortable to use thanks to their extra features. If you want to enjoy high volume for your outdoor or pool party at night, this is your best knowledge. You can use it for any type of occasion because it will provide you with a clear voice that will be loud enough to be heard by everyone present at the occasion.

You can enjoy loud music without facing any system issues. The best thing about a Bluetooth speaker is that it can be connected to any device, including laptop and cell phone. There is no need to connect the cables, which is why you should choose a Bluetooth speaker.

You can even carry it with you very easily thanks to its small size and low weight. Now you don’t have to worry about cables and tangles thanks to the smooth and convenient Bluetooth speaker.

  • Minimalist design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent quality – price
  • Not very strong bass


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In the box

Vtin R4 is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the bluetooth speaker, a charger, a lanyard to hang the case and a user manual.

What’s special about it?

Many features make this Bluetooth speaker very special, launched under the Vic Tech FL brand. There is no need to carry cables because the device is limited by the battery. Provides great battery life as the battery won’t die for 24 hours. You can use it for your travels and even your parties without facing any inconvenience.

There are a lot of features you can get by getting your hands on this Bluetooth speaker. It can provide you with many benefits that will keep things smooth for you. We will discuss some of the most important features of the products that will give you an idea of the efficiency of the product.

Long battery life

Vtin R4 has very long battery life which is the most important and promising future of the product. You can use it for 24 hours after charging once, which can be very convenient for you. There is no need to keep charging it over and over as the battery can hold a lot of power. Uses a 1500mAh battery.

You can use it all day and all night if you have any chance because there will be no problem with running out of energy. You will also get a fantastic clear voice which is one of the best qualities of the Bluetooth speaker. If you are traveling long distances, you can take this Bluetooth speaker with you because it will keep you entertained all the time. You can enjoy the product for a long time without worrying about running out of energy.

Battery life is really good, and once a battery is installed, there is no need to replace it anytime soon. One battery will also be enough for a few months, which means you can use it smoothly without worrying about the battery.

Fantastic sound

You will have a fluid and fantastic sound thanks to the 2 x 5w speakers and the HD stereo radiator. It won’t allow any background sounds to interact with your playing music, which is a blessing when it comes to listening to music.

Now you can quietly listen to anything you want on your Bluetooth speaker after connecting to your phone without being interrupted. The sound quality is high as it will provide you with all the sound details including music and lyrics.

The sound quality of the Vtin R4 will make you fall in love because you will hear everything, not missing even the small details.

Bluetooth 5.0 stability and self-connection

Sometimes the Bluetooth gets disconnected without you and your will, which is annoying. However, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to this product. It has self-connection and stability, which will make you listen to music without being interrupted by such situations.

It has a wide range which means you can move the Bluetooth device away from the phone and still it will be connected up to a specific long limit. You have to consider range in mind before moving the Bluetooth device. It can be easily connected to any device, including smartphones and laptops.

No matter what mobile phone or laptop you own, if it has a Bluetooth function, the Bluetooth device will connect very easily. The wide connection for the Bluetooth device is 10m / 33ft. You have to keep this in mind before using the product.

It won’t disconnect while you’re listening to something, as it can also cause public embarrassment. Now you can easily listen to music without worrying about these little things.

IPX5 waterproof

Vtin R4 is waterproof. You can use it on the beach without worrying about the water. While taking a long shower, you can still enjoy a Bluetooth speaker. The water will not harm the product, which means it will last longer than you can imagine. It is very durable because it is made of high quality material that can withstand water and other similar elements of nature.

You can use it comfortably in nature without worrying about damaging it from any source. This is one of the best qualities as the humid and watery environment will not limit you when it comes to using the product outdoors.

The waterproof quality of the product makes it very easy to use at your pool parties and any occasion on the beach. You can gather your friends at any destination and listen to high quality voice and music on the Bluetooth speaker.

There is no doubt that anyone who listens to the sound quality will ask you about the Bluetooth speaker and where you got it from. It is up to you to get your hands on this amazing product to make things convenient for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Vtin R4 is one of the blessings because you don’t have to struggle with wires. You can connect the Bluetooth speaker to any device, even from a long distance. Some of the specific features of the product like long battery life and sound quality make this product very good. There are many other features and benefits that you can discover using the product.



Check the price on Amazon


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