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Buying restaurant food, such as burgers and sausages, is not a convenient way to save money. The number of people grinding their own meat has never been higher and this trend is only expected to increase. Meat mincers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In addition, a large selection of cars can also be purchased. You can make a more educated selection if you are aware of the amount of features on offer.

There are various variables to consider when buying a meat grinder. Produced meat, for example, is more likely to be fresh and healthy. Making meat at home gives you total control over the flavor of the finished product. You also have the option to add any add-ons you choose. This is why people following a strict diet would greatly benefit from grinding their own meat at home.

  • Electric meat grinders are popular with customers as they are simple to use and maintain.
  • As soon as you plug them in, load the feeding tube with beef cubes and hit the power button, you’re good to go.
  • Strong models are suggested for grinding meat with a lot of bones.
  • They have powerful engines that allow them to take on larger and more difficult game animals such as deer or moose. As a result, they can handle a huge number of pigs, chickens or cows in a short amount of time, allowing them to complete this task quickly.
  • Failing internal components and motors are the most common causes of problems with electric meat grinders. I feel that the plastic gears in a model with plastic gears have a high chance of peeling and disintegrating, leaving the appliance useless and costing a lot to repair.
  • Depending on how they are performed, some changes could potentially be quite noisy. This could also be a major concern for people living in apartments or other similar structures


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In the box

Waworio is shipped in a rectangular box and inside we will find the meat grinder, with motor, blade lid placed on 4 levels and a user manual.

Features that make it a good choice

Before you go out and buy a meat grinder, make sure you know what it can do. As a result, you will have a meat grinder that lasts a long time and adapts to all your needs. When out shopping, keep these things in mind.

Its size and weight

It is essential to choose the right size of the meat grinder. You can choose from a number of sizes and varieties depending on the function you want to use the appliance for. For people, pets or an event, this meat grinder can generate a significant volume of meat in less than 30 minutes. Consequently, you will have to invest in a more powerful and long-lasting electric meat grinder.

Waworio is, however, excellent. You may only need to slice the meat once or twice a year. A smaller meat grinder could be used to make meatballs and burgers for you and a friend. If you travel frequently, a meat grinder that fits in your hand luggage is a good investment.


It is no longer necessary to manually rotate the handle of the device, saving time and energy. You can enjoy your hand-made burgers, sausages or burgers for a long time before they go bad with the electric versions.

High quality

When using an electric meat grinder, a more consistent end product can be expected. This is due to the fact that electrical devices do not apply the same amount of pressure as manual equipment.


There are no rules when using an electric meat grinder. To create a range of formats and forms, you can use a variety of attachments. You can grind to any size or shape you want with the right grinder.


Electric meat grinders are more expensive upfront, but they could save you money in the long run. Thanks to their improved performance, they will also save you money in the long run. Manuals or versions of the meat grinders that are only used once or twice are options for those wishing to save on kitchen items.

There are fewer options to choose from

Unlike manual equipment, which can be used for a wide range of jobs, electric machines have a limited choice of accessories. Electric meat mincers are more difficult to replace than manual meat mincers.

These are properties of great value, so you must proceed with the utmost attention

On your kitchen counter, Waworio will take up important counter space. The size of its components is critical if you’re trying to fit it under or inside a nearby drawer.

The output power of the engine

The power of your Waworio meat grinder is measured in watts. A meat grinder that uses 300-500 watts of electricity costs between $ 100 and $ 200. Each 800W motor will cost you about $ 200. 800W motors are used by many businesses.

The meat grinder has more power when it comes to cutting huge amounts of food, such as chicken and beef. You can stay calm as you cut more meat than you could with a slower knife or machine if you use a meat grinder instead of a slower knife or machine.

Stainless steel

You will have to spend a large amount of money to get a stainless steel electric meat grinder. Those made of steel or aluminum will be less expensive. A stainless steel meat grinder is ideal for people who grind a lot of meat. The plastic gears are completely made of plastic. Metal gears, on the other hand, are made of metal. They are therefore more resistant and durable than plastic gears.

How much space does Waworio have inside?

The amount of meat that can be processed at one time is referred to as the capacity of a machine. This is the official name of the machine. Most basic meat grinders include a skillet that can hold at least 2-4 “of meat. Seating for 14 people:” With and more, most important activities and family gatherings can be completed, but anything in less it will be inadequate”.

Final Thoughts

Many people have problems with the size of their technological devices. They take up a lot of counter space and are difficult to store in a small space like a kitchen cabinet.

Those who invest in a meat grinder for a long time will see a return on their investment. It is a good choice and you can get it with confidence.



Check the price on Amazon


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