What is a dash cam?

They are car camera systems that make an audio and video recording of your trip. Public awareness of car cameras has increased and many insurance policies already accept dash cam evidence in the event of a car accident.

Some dash cams also include a parking mode, which starts recording whenever an impact is detected. If someone damages an outside rearview mirror or hits the car while parking and doesn’t leave a ticket, you’ll have a better chance of finding out what happened and who is responsible for the damage.

There are 3 main types of dash cams:

  • Front cameras are among the best dash cams for capturing everything in front of you, including the traffic you are following. They are the cheapest to buy, but they don’t have a chance to see what happened behind you.
  • Front and rear view dash cams offer the advantage of recording both the front and rear view of the car. Most road accidents occur at low speeds and involve rear collisions. Investing in a dash cam that offers both views could be worth the extra expense in the event of an accident.
  • Cab cameras give you a panoramic view of what happened inside your car.

Why install a dash cam?

A dash cam serves to protect you in the event of an accident and is based on the idea that the driver using one is not at fault. It certainly can’t cover you if you’ve done something wrong, but it can help you prove you were right. It protects you if an unscrupulous person throws himself in front of your car or crashes on the highway for no reason, causing an accident. Such evidence can be used to prove that the accident was not your fault. Otherwise it could be your word against him and maybe you’ll take some of the blame … which could increase your insurance premiums, or worse.

If you use one, you want to drive carefully and legally. Let’s say you were running into a school area, looking at your phone, and hit a parked car with a GPS-equipped security camera that records your location, speed and accident. It’ll be pretty clear from the footage exactly what happened.

And don’t assume that you can just delete the footage after doing something that’s your fault. While specific laws in your locality may vary, let’s just say that authorities won’t particularly like the fact that you’re conveniently missing a piece of footage. You will of course drive safely, so this won’t be a problem. After all, a dash cam should constantly remind you of this.

Dash cam and insurance policies

Many road accidents are not well defined. If there is any doubt about the mistake and if it’s your word against theirs, recorded footage can help resolve the dispute quickly. If the footage shows that the other party was at fault, you may not have to pay the excess or, if you have already paid, the excess may be refunded.

As dash cams become more common, they could lower car insurance premiums, reduce theft, and help discourage insurance fraud.

Will a dash cam change the way you drive?

Could be. In addition to becoming more experienced in driving, they could also provide new drivers with invaluable information about what they are doing behind the wheel.

If you’re using the wrong lights or aren’t keeping a safe enough distance from the car in front of you, a car camera could help you figure out any bad driving habits and improve your driving standard.

Dash Cams are one of the most useful pieces of car technology, especially for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Even if you are a careful and cautious driver, accidents can occur and it can be difficult to resolve complaints quickly without objective evidence.

Video recordings can help your insurer solve a road accident smoothly, letting you get on with the most important things in your life.

Pros and cons of using a dash cam

A dash cam is worth the investment and the small amount of maintenance. Since they are flashy and somewhat valuable devices, they could be stolen if left out. And if taking it apart and hiding it to prevent theft is too expensive, you may not fix it when you need it. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic accidents and are concerned about protecting yourself, it might be worth it.

At this point, there are no overwhelming arguments in favor of having or not having a dash cam. Insurance companies don’t require owners to have them, nor do many offer discounts for using them. But it itself is a bit of an insurance policy. Just having one could prevent a severe legal or financial headache.

Consider the outlay involved, then take a step back and think about how concerned you are about protecting yourself in the event of a car accident. If this is something you are already a little worried about, then a dash cam is for you. On the other hand, if everything seems a bit useless or uncomfortable, then it’s not for you.

If you are convinced and want to have some more clear ideas, read this ranking of the best dash cams 2021.


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