Hi guys, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Mi True bluetooth headphones !

Nobody wants to get entangled in the wires, so Xiaomi Mi introduced their powerful invention to make the situation easier and more convenient for you. You no longer have to buy the wired earbuds because now you can get the Bluetooth earbuds from Xiaomi Mi. They are more durable, easier to use and have many other features.

  • Low price
  • Long battery life
  • Rewarding sound quality
  • Good for voice calls
  • Connecting the phone is complicated
  • Poor passive sound insulation


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In the box

Xiaomi Mi True is shipped in a rectangular box and inside it we will find the headphones, the headphone case, spare rubber pads, charging cable and a user manual.

What Makes Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones a Recommended Choice?

Using these wireless earbuds is not difficult at all. You can connect them to your smart device via Bluetooth. It is fully optimized for MUI systems. Connecting them to your smart device won’t be a problem. These earbuds are touch controls, so you can allow calls, start listening to music or activate voice assistance by simply tapping the sensors.

Upgraded wireless earbuds

Xiaomi Mi True have an upgraded Dual-Core chip with binaural synchronous transmission technology. This means that the audio signals from the left to right earbuds will be powerful and help reduce sound latency.

There will be very little interference of sounds from the atmosphere and it will maintain a healthy connection between the two earphones.

LHDC Bluetooth and microphone

It has LHDC Bluetooth decoding and has been optimized for MUI systems. The hardware is super sleek and when you turn on the low latency setting, there will be very little sound latency, so you can enjoy better audiovisual gaming sounds.

They have a built-in microphone with noise reduction technology. The surrounding sounds will no longer bother you. Even in a noisy atmosphere, these earphones guarantee high quality voice recognition.

Speaker quality

It has a 14.2mm speaker. The bass will be so deep. You will hear crystal clear high frequency sounds.

If you keep these earbuds inside the case, they will last up to 24 hours due to the next generation. Chip. You can use a single headset for up to 5 consecutive hours. It also has touch sensors, so you can allow or reject calls by simply tapping these earbuds.

Most of the time, wired earbuds break. A small crack in the thread means you have to say goodbye to them. This will not happen with these wireless earbuds. You no longer have to get caught in the threads. They’re highly durable, so there’s no way you’ll have to buy a new set of wireless earbuds anytime soon.

Minimizing sound latency will help you get better sound quality in your ears, whether you’re wearing a single earphone or both. Wearing these earbuds won’t damage your ears even if you wear them for the whole day or just for a few hours.

Impressive battery life

Battery times are pretty impressive if you keep them in their case after using it. If you only wear one headset, it will last up to 5 hours straight. You can use it continuously for 5 hours.

You can make your important business calls for as long as you like without being notified with the low battery signal.

Battery timing is pretty good. If you keep the earphones in the case, you can use them for a whole day. If you have to make any important phone calls or calls or need to use them for any other purpose, they will last for about 5 consecutive hours.

Improve call quality

It has a low sound latency setting, and if you turn it around, it will minimize sound latency and surrounding noises. It will ensure high quality calls without being disturbed by noise and voice distortion.

Easy to carry

If you compare these wireless headphones to wired ones, you should know that taking them with you wherever you go is much easier and more convenient. You can simply put them in your case and then in your jeans pocket or purse.

Yes, the portability of these earbuds is simply stylish and convenient. Most of the time, we lose our wired earbuds while traveling or the wire broke, but that’s not the case with these earbuds.

It looks classy

You will look stylish and classy by wearing both or a single headset. You may have seen that people no longer use wired earbuds because they look pretty old now. All businessmen and every other person own a pair of wireless headsets. They have become a real fashion accessory.

Whether you need them to make business calls or you just want to look a little more up to date, they will help you with nuisance matters.

Extraordinary gaming experience

People who like to maintain or enhance their gaming experience will love this invention. Minimal disturbance from surrounding sounds and large built-in speakers will enhance game sound.

You don’t have to bring headphones if you are going out for a gaming session. Simply plug these wireless headphones into the system and enjoy your gaming session.

Touch control technology

By simply touching the sensor on the headset you can manage your calls. You can also play or stop the music and activate the voice assistant with the help of the touch control sensor. You can use this touch in situations where the buttons cannot be pressed correctly. So all in all these features make it a highly recommended product to use.

Final Thoughts

So, you have learned the difference between Xiaomi Mi True wireless phones and other regular ones. If you are looking forward to an extraordinary music listening experience or you do not want to be disturbed by the surrounding sounds while you are engaged in an important phone call, buy these wireless earphones. It will be a good investment for your ears.



Check the price on Amazon


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